The mission of Aroma AD is to provide customers with high quality health and beauty care products. Aroma is seeking to achieve economic growth while caring for the environment and health and safety at work. That is why the slogan of our policy is “Responsibility for the future”.

All processes in our company are consistently focused on quality, environment protection, health and safety at work. The rationales for this are:

  • Impossibility to access and achieve success on international markets in market economy conditions without an integrated system in place for management of quality, environment and health and safety at work.
  • The company desire to care for customers’ health and beauty with its product portfolio.
  • Our commitment to bring the company processes into compliance with the requirements of the good manufacturing practice.
  • Our capability to effectively implement the individual processes whose principal objective is adaptation to market and customers’ requirements, costs optimization and quality improvement.
  • Creating conditions for each employee’s participation and commitment with quality, healthy and safe working and company strengthening and prosperity.
  • Respectful and decent attitude to customers.
  • Compliance with the applicable regulations and other requirements and our commitment to:

- environmental and health and safety guaranteeing research and development, purchasing and manufacture of our products using secure and safe plants;
- prevention of incidents and accidents through proactive measures;
- protection of employees from damage to their health;
- waste disposal in an environment friendly manner;
- inform

  • Measurability and verifiability of environment and health and safety at work protection through:

- their integration in the company organization and processes;
- open communication on all levels;
- cooperative assistance with the government and municipal administrations;
- dialog with people;
- active and engaged participation of the employees in the implementation of this policy, protection of the environment, their own health and the health of the others, as well as in upgrading their skills and qualifications.

  • Demanding that other companies operating in the territory of our enterprise comply with the environmental, health and safety at work standards.
  • Understanding that the quality, the environment protection and health and safety at work are:

- an investment in the company future, and
- contribution to the preservation of the nature and life.

Led by our philosophy, we are in addition pursuing to:
- become recognized experts in solving manufacturing and technical problems in our field;
- gain a sustainable and growing share on the cosmetics market as reliable and high quality suppliers;
- achieve high customer satisfaction through consistent quality, term keeping and security;
- seek consistent improvement of processes;
- ensure full transparency and traceability of processes and products;
- introduce a system for developing creative attitude - from detecting errors to their prevention;
- apply target-oriented control of processes and personnel management and annual review of target performance;
- reduce the consumption of energy and materials
- prevent and reduce generation of waste and emissions in the air and waters;
- ensure safe work for the personnel through monitoring and preventive maintenance of machines, plant and equipment;
- assess risk and work proactively to eliminate and/or control workplace risks prior to introduction of new technologies, materials and/or equipment;
- reduce occupational injuries as much as possible;
- protect employees from occupational diseases through regular prophylactic medical examinations, vocational rehabilitation and work readjustment;
- constantly improve working conditions through regular measurements of working environment factors and the work process, assessment and planning of measures to eliminate and/or control the risk and/or reduce the areas where it is over the acceptable limits.

Sofia, 24.02.2009 г.

Dimitar Lukanov
Vice President Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO