About Aroma

The Market economy is characterizes with variety of products and services that have been created for a single purpose – to satisfy the necessity of each customer. Under these competitive conditions the companies must concentrate their efforts to diversify the product range so that any potential customer need is met.

For us, Aroma PLC, the creation of a Privet Label product is not just a part of the standard production plan but a service that we are providing our clients with. We believe in personal understanding and loyalty as we perceive our customers as partners who should always be one step ahead of their competitors.

Based on the long term partnership with our customers we are developing product groups in accordance with your customers' specific needs to package designs, formulations, fragrances etc.

What we have to offer:

Manufacturing of Private Label cosmetic products – you will be able to find out more about our product range by clicking the "Products" button

Product development:
  • research and development of new products
  • providing existing and custom product formulas
  • development of new packing in accordance with the customers expectations
Product testing – clinic testing for potential products