Bamboo (Bambuseae)


Country of origin: Asia

Cultivation: Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, North America

Valuable substances in bamboo:

Silicon, fibers, potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, phytochemicals, vitamins B

Health benefits:
  • Regulates the circulatory and digestive systems
  • Useful for teeth and gums
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Prevents from barin and heart diseases
  • Promotes weight loss
Beauty benefits:
  • Perfectly cleans pores and hair follicles
  • Hydrates and exfoliates
  • Relieves skin inflammations
  • Makes hair ans skin look shiny and vital
  • Regulates sebum secretion
  • Helps regeneration
How do celebrities use it?

Bamboo styling elements are present in a number of celebrities lifestyle, but some, like Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock know its ability to make hair brilliant, smooth and healthy. That’s why they trust cosmetic formulas with bamboo extract.