Pine (Pinus sylvestris)


Country of origin: Austria and Russia
Cultivation: The whole world, including cold regions

Valuable substances in pine:

Vitamins A, B, C, E, K, fats, manganese, iron, copper, magnesium, flavanoids

Health benefits:
  • Helps for all kinds of exhaustion
  • Disinfects
  • Eliminates all sorts of internal infections
  • Alleviate problems with the urinary tract, pain in muscles, joints
  • Stimulates the immune and circulatory systems, digestion, metabolism
  • Treats all skin disorders
  • Relieves stress
Beauty benefits:
  • Invigorates, refreshes and tones the skin
  • Balances skin PH
  • Stimulates cell renewal
  • Helps combat cellulite, acne, dandruff, lichen
  • Improves microcirculation
  • Detoxifies
How do celebrities use it?

Perfect looking stars also suffer from acne. One of the ways to soothe and relieve inflammation is pine oil, mostly raw, added to face mask.


Products with Pine (Pinus sylvestris)