Water lily (Nymphaea alba L.)

  • Country of origin: Northwest Africa
  • Cultivation: Europe, parts of North America and the Middle East, Africa
Valuable substances in water lily:

Tannins, glucose, essential oils, starch, alkaloids, saponins, polysaccharides

Health benefits:
  • Аnti-inflammatory action
  • Promotes healing of wounds and burns
  • Has a relaxing effect and helps sleep
  • Eases breathing
  • Reduces kidneys pain
  • Regulates gastrointestinal and vaginal environment
Beauty benefits:
  • Strong nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating effect on the skin
  • Brightens complexion
  • Strengthens capillaries
  • Soothes irritation, redness, infections, skin disorders
  • Helps removal of fine lines, wrinkles, scars
  • Regulates pH
  • Thickens and revitalizes hair
  • Treats hair loss
How do celebrities use it?

Many actresses use eau de toilette with water lily as an elixir of youth that makes skin glowing and radiant and keeps wrinkles at bay.



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