Anti-cellulite cream

An anti-cellulite cream is a body care cosmetic product with a dense formula, applied on areas with “orange peel'' skin (mostly thighs, hips and abdomen) to neutralize it.

Although the anti-cellulite cream is a relatively new product on the market, ever since its advent few decades ago, it became a favorite product of women as it is applied quickly, doesn’t cause pain and visibly improves skin condition.

Before the advent of the cosmetic product, the anti-cellulite methods were divided into two main groups - mechanical and invasive (liposuction, cupping, lipoplasty, lasers ...). And although they used to give positive results, these treatments were quite painful and expensive, so only certain group of ladies was able to take advantage of them.

The anti-cellulite cream’s formula contains specific active ingredients (caffeine extract, horse chestnut, pink pepper, blueberry, L-carnitine, cucumber), which directly attack and break down fats accumulated in the subcutaneous layers. These compounds restore tissue elasticity and improve blood circulation, as well.

Different anti-cellulite products have been already offered for several years - anti-cellulite gels, anti-cellulite serums and anti-cellulite scrubs whose formulae also have a complex action, but differ in texture and composition.