Antiperspirant, better known as deodorant, is a cosmetic product, which controls the sweating with the help of ingredients that block the lipid secretion from the sudoriferous glands. These lipids contain bacteria that is responsible for the unpleasant odor.

The elimination of body smell have been practiced since ancient times. The Egyptians used to mix citrus and cinnamon, some Asians applied rock salt, while others just washed and trimmed their armpits.

Later, the use of heavy perfumes and powders was introduced. For the same purpose, at the beginning of the 19th century the soap was invented.

Later in the same century antiperspirants in the form of sticky pastes and creams appeared, but they were too oily and inconvenient for applying. The first product of this type came into the market in 1888. It was invented and patented by an unknown American scientist who gave birth to a whole line of products against perspiration.

Around the middle of the 20th century the first roll-on appearеd, whose formula already contained aluminum chloride. It looked much like the widеly popular at thе time ink ball-pen. A little bit later the roll-on was transformed into its present form.

Because of allergic reactions and irritations that some users experienced from the aluminum chloride, during the 60s the aerosol antiperspirants were introduced, becoming a total hit thanks to the way they spread their formulae on the skin surface without direct contact.

Nowadays, antiperspirants in all their forms, are among the most used cosmetic products. Their formulae are enriched with extra ingredients for perspiration control, as well as natural extracts for gentler care.