Face gel


A face gel is a modern cosmetic product with a cleansing formula, used as an additional care for more efficient pollution removal from the skin. It is usually applied once a day as part of the beauty routine with toner and moisturizing cream, giving an extra glow to the face.

The face gel is considered a better alternative for skin cleaning, compared to soap and other beauty products, whose formulas are not specifically designed for this purpose. In contrast, the face gel contains hydrating, rejuvenating and refreshing ingredients (glycerin, vitamins), mixed into a soft foam to gently remove makeup, dead cells, sebum and other pollutants.

Most of the formulations are enriched with additional active agents, which help the unclogging of the pores, the deep penetration of the ingredients and in the same time prevent irritation of the skin.

Because every skin type has its individual needs, the face gel comes in different variations of the formula, too.
It may take several attempts to find the most suitable gel for your face. But don’t give up, because by achieving that you will keep the Ph balance of your skin and help the natural cellular processes in it. Both are essential for the beauty of your face.