Foundation is a decorative cosmetic product, most often with a creamy formula and fleshy color, applied on the face to cover imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles, and to create an even complexion.

Foundation is a modern phenomenon, but the concept for its use exists since ancient times. Ancient Greeks and Romans used lead powder, chalk or a mixture of animal fat, starch and tin oxide to whiten their faces. Harmful and toxic ingredients, however, often caused disfigurements and even death.

In the Middle Ages, women applied lead paint on their faces to demonstrate their noble ancestry or high social status. In the 17th century, in England, preferences for darker colors appeared. Dark nuances aimed to conceal pale skin, caused by long stay indoors during plague. Light colors remained modern in the next centuries, as well, and were used even by men.

The first real formula of foundation – the so called ‘’Pancake’’ appeared in1914. It was invented by Max Factor in the form of multifunctional stage makeup. The makeup contained talc and was applied directly on the skin with a wet sponge. Although the product became extremely popular in the movie industry, it was patented only in 1937, as before that it was considered as a symbol of low morale and was used by a certain circle of women, only.

Just few years later, foundation became a leading product in the makeup of women around the world. Nowadays, various formulas and shades are being developed. The ingredients are well-tolerated by the skin, so it looks perfect and radiant naturally.