Hair dryer


A hair dryer or a blow-dryer is an electrical device for hair drying, straightening and styling. By blowing warm or cold air, it removes the water particles from the hair and stimulates the formation of temporary hydrogen bonds, which allow easier styling of the hair.

 Until the 19th century sun was the only way to dry your hair after a bath or after getting wet in the rain. With the invention of the vacuum cleaner at the beginning of the century, women found easier and faster way to dry their hair, connecting a hose to the pipe of this household appliance.

Inspired by the idea, in 1890 the French hairdresser Alexander Godfrey invented the first blow-dryer and installed it in his salon. Unlike modern models, this one was stationary and client had to sit under a plastic dome resembling a helmet, connected to the chimney of a gas stove. Thus, from the tiny holes in the dome hot air was blowing, which dried the hair in no time. Such types of appliances are found today in many salons over the world, but they are also used as heating helmets in a number of hairstyles.

After amendments in the law for the electrical appliances in 1915, the first pocket-sized hair dryers were released on the market. In other words, hair dryers that can be held in hand appeared. The design resembled a vacuum cleaner, and some vacuum cleaners even had attachments for hair drying. However, they were quite heavy (about 1 kg) because of the chrome steel they were made of, and difficult to use. Furthermore, the hair dryers had only 100 watts power and it took an extremely long time to dry the hair.

In the coming years, the main goal of the manufacturers was to increase the practicality of the hair dryers, improving their power and design. A substitute of the initial materials had to be invented in order to make the devices lighter. In the 1930s, hair dryers running on gas appeared, but they were harmful to the hair. In the 1960s the power of blow-dryers already reached 500 watts, they were made of plastic, and their motors were more silent and placed inside the devices. Hair dryers came in different colors and some of them even had bags for easy storage.

In the last decades of the 20th century, each hair dryer had to pass many safety tests and to undergo a number of improvements before it was released for a mass production. Meanwhile, some hair dryers already reached a power of 1500 watts.

Modern blow-dryers play an indispensable role in beauty care of women and men. Besides the fact that hair styling is extremely fast because of the 2000 watts of power, hair dryers are lightweight, ergonomic, compact and attractively designed, as well. And thanks to their numerous attachments they offer different styling effects.