Hair gel


A hair gel is a hairstyling cosmetic product that firms the hair and fixes it in the desired position for a long period of time. Many hairstylists prefer this product because it provides more lasting effect compared to hairsprays and hair waxes.

Before the production of the hair gel for the same purpose served vaseline, corn oil and mixtures of plant extracts, essential oils and aromatic essences. During the 16th century the Europeans used to mix lizard’s fat with swallow’s excrements.

The first modern formula of hair gel appeared in 1929 in the English city of Birmingham and rapidly became a product for mass use. It was an emulsion of water and mineral oil enriched with beeswax. The formula went through gradual changes with the adding of different flavors, chemical substances and active ingredients. Two different formulas - for men and for women, emerged, as well as formulae with additional effects like shine, volume and humidity, depending on the hair trends over the years.

In 1980, the popularity of hair gel grew because of a new fashion wave- the firmly fixed and resembling a helmet hairstyles. At that time among the active ingredients in the formula already were the cationic polymers. Their positive charge made the gel more viscous and therefore easier for application.
Presently, hair gel is offered in a number of variations and with different fixing levels. It can be used on short and long hair alike. And it is suitable for all hairstyles - from perfectly sleeked to spiky punk.