Hair mousse


Hair mousse is a cosmetic product for hair styling, whose creamy texture gives extra volume and shine to the hair. Hair mousse has one of the most lightweight formulas among hairstyling products. For a maximum effect it is applied on wet or damp hair.

The first hair mousse was produced in the 1980s and quickly became a hit among hairdressers and society as a whole. The multifunctional action of the product makes it suitable for all hairstyles – it smoothes and shapes straight hair; strengthens and fixes curly hair; adds volume, shine and wet look; or makes the hair slightly wavy. Heat enhances the effect of the hair mousse.

A curious fact is that the initial color of hair mousse is purple, and it becomes white only in contact with air. Depending on the specifics of users’ hair, some formulas contain alcohol, other - nutrients and vitamins, and third - UV protection. Hair mousse spreads easily and doesn’t weigh the hair down.