Hair styling products


Hair styling products are a group of cosmetic preparations for complementary care, designed to shape and fix the hair in a certain hairstyle. Hair styling products can change the shape, density and flexibility of the hair for a long period of time and make it resistant to climate changes, depending on their formula’s texture, active ingredients and application.

Hair styling preparations have been popular since ancient times, although in the form of natural or animal products. Women in Ancient Egypt have used different creamy mixtures to moisturize their hair and protect them from the hot, dry climate.

With technology progress and cosmetics industry development at the end of the 18th century, hair styling products with a specific action (volume, protection, waving, straightening, shine and fixation) began to appear.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the first formula of hair gel appeared and became a leader on the market. Oily and sticky, it effectively held the hair in the desired position and was perfect for fixing details of the hairstyle.

In 1948 the first hairspray was manufactured. It was an aerosol spray, whose active ingredients fixed the hair to the desired shape for hours. Generally, hairspray is used as a final product, enhancing and sealing the effect of other styling products.

In the 1980s the first hair mousse was invented. Its soft creamy texture is used to give more volume and shine to the hair.

Hair waxes, detangling and conditioning serums, styling creams, volumizers and heat protection sprays belong to the group of the hair styling preparations, as well. They are present in every hairdressing salon. The formula of each of them is adapted to the specific needs of different hairstyles and is extremely friendly to the hair.