Hairspray is a product belonging to the hair styling cosmetics. It is widely used in hairdo fixing both at home and in beauty salons. Generally, hairspray is applied as a final product which enhances and seals the effect of other styling products.

The first hair spray was produced in 1948. It was an aerosol spray whose active ingredients - a combination of simple polymers, fix the hair in the desired shape for hours. The concept of pressurized container was born during World War II, out of the necessity for effective extermination of insects in the army. The name "hairspray" was officially introduced in 1950, and in 1955 the product was released on the market.

Over the next decade hairstyles with volume, curls and ringlets became fashionable. They were achieved with curlers, curling irons and artificial strands and required a strong fixation. Thus the popularity of hairspray grew worldwide and a massive competition between the manufacturers began. Hysteria subsided in late 1960s, when the affinity for natural appearance came back, and women began to stylize their hair using products with light to medium hold. The hysteria returned in the rock era of the 1980s.

Today hairspray is equally popular in women’s beauty rituals. It is mostly used in cases when hairstyle is needed to last longer, like on special occasions for example. After that it is washed away, instead of staying for days on the hair.