Hand cream


Hand cream is a cosmetic product with highly moisturizing formula that recovers and protects hand skin and nourishes the nails. It has a ticker and a richer texture than hand lotion and retains moisture for longer time.

Skin hydration is popular since ancient times. Mixtures of minerals, extracted from trees and animal fats or vegetable oils were most commonly used for that purpose. These mixtures were improved over time to adapt to the needs of the skin.

The first laboratory formula of hand cream appeared in 1870 and was quickly accepted by people. The formula has changed, but the hand cream still remains one of the most favorite and recommendable products.

A modern hand cream is a mixture of different oils and water. It is enriched with many useful ingredients that penetrate deeply into the skin and act purposefully on a specific problem. Very often, moisturizing agents such as glycerin, Vaseline or lanolin, antioxidants, vitamins and plant extracts are added to the formula.
There are creams, whose formulas are developed for particular problems, such as aging, wrinkles, pigmentation, skin disorders, excessive dryness and sun radiation.