Lip balm


A lip balm or a lip salve is a decorative cosmetic product, applied as a protective film over the lips to moisturize, nourish and protect them from harmful environmental influences. Most often it resembles a lipstick, but is also found in tiny boxes. The formula contains a variety of natural or medicinal ingredients such as lanolin, beeswax, camphor, menthol, salicylic acid, which relieve conditions like cracking, drying, cold sores, stomatitis.

The lip balm appeared as a cosmetic product only in the 1980s, although lip nourishing and softening was a practice in antiquity, when for the purpose were used honey, plant and animal extracts and even earwax. The American physicist Dr. Charles Browne Fleet invented a lip balm for himself, mixing beeswax and honey in the form of a small wickless candle wrapped in a thin sheet of foil.

The lip salve, as it was named by its creator, was sold only in the local market and therefore didn’t have much success. In 1912, Fleet sold the patent of the product for $5 to his fellow townsman from Lynchburg, Virginia John Morton. Morton started a mass production at home together with his wife and shortly thereafter they opened a factory with the profit from the sold lip balms. Today, the factory still operates in the same place. In 1963, another company bought the rights for the product from Morton and after a few months big quantities of lip balms with different shapes and flavors were released on the market. In 1971, four new fragrances were introduced, in 1981 appeared the first lip balm with sun protection (with SPF 15) and in 1985 – a lip balm of Vaseline basis.

Today, the lip balm is one of the most practical and attractive cosmetic products, which enjoys great popularity among both sexes, because it is a wonderful tool, keeping the lips soft and fresh. The lip salve is very convenient for ladies who don’t like to wear lipstick. They can choose between colored and colorless textures, all with irresistible flavor of favorite pastry or fruity delights.

The lip balm is designed to keep the lips moist, but along with that, its formula can be supplemented with ingredients for additional effect (photoprotective, therapeutic, cooling, volumizing). What kind of lip salve you’ll choose depends on your personal preferences for flavor, aroma and package.