Nail file


Although the nail file as a tool appeared in the late 19th – the early 20th century, historical studies indicate that nail shaping dates back to ancient times, only, stones, metal, scissors and even acids were used for that purpose.

The French queen and Austrian Archduchess Marie Antoinette is considered one of the most enthusiastic adherents of the perfect manicure. She was literally obsessed with her instrument of pumice, carved in the shape of a pencil and used, as the modern files, to trim nails and make them round. After each use the "limestone for edges", as it was called by the queen, was thoroughly cleaned manually by maids and placed beside the tub, ready for the next use. The always perfectly manicured nails of Marie Antoinette turned the tool, in no time, into a latest trend among women in the Versailles court in the 18th century.

In 1830, a European doctor - orthopedist named Sits created the cuticle pusher. To make it (in a quite refined shape) he used an unknown wooden dental instrument, which he called an "orange stick".

At the threshold of two centuries (the 19th and the 20th), nail care entered its revolutionary phase. It was then that the first metal nail files, usually in set with small metal scissors, were created. A lot of products for extra shine - nail polishes with or without color, tinted powders and creams appeared, too.

In 1910, the American company Flowery Manicure Products, which created the first metal files, manufactured the first abrasive nail file, as well. It was a garnet abrasive surface placed on a wooden base.

In 1936, in Switzerland, a glass / crystal file, was invented. But contrary to the expectations, the new tool didn’t enjoy great popularity, because of its rough surface and the discomfort during its use. Another significant problem was the transportation of the production - due the nature of its material, much of the files used to break or damage.

However, the development of new technologies and the thermal treatment of the famous Bohemian crystal in the Czech Republic, were the reason the glass file to returns triumphantly in the industry, in 1997. More stable and perfect for nail care, exactly the Czech glass / crystal files are nowadays considered to be the best in the world.