Rouge is a product belonging to the decorative cosmetics. It has a powder formula and is typically applied on the cheekbones to emphasize them or to give youthful color to the face.

Rouge originates in ancient Egypt. Men and women used creamy pastes containing red fruits, vegetable juices or powdered mineral pigments to make their cheeks and lips scarlet. This practice was popular in Ancient Greece, as well, but the mixtures of berries and crushed seeds were applied over a white foundation of lead or chalk powder.

Over the centuries of the modern era, rouge had its ups and downs. Initially, it was rejected, because of the Christian norms of appearance. In the Middle Ages rouge enjoyed popularity as a symbol of high social status, but in the same time it was often condemned as immoral, outrageous and unacceptable. All sorts of ingredients have been used for rouge making. Some of them had an effect so toxic that caused death.

Nowadays, rouge is present in the beauty kit of almost every woman. It makes the face fresher, more radiant and more expressive, just with one or two waves of the brush. Thanks to the modern science and technologies rouge’s formula is now completely safe for the skin and it is available in a variety of shades.