Wet wipes


Wet wipes are products for personal hygiene or household cleaning that are frequently used in the everyday life of the modern consumers. The wet wipes are pieces of paper or cloth moistened with healthy ingredients according to the specific needs of the skin. They are placed in a practical package and each wipe is disposable.

The first wet wipes appeared in the 1970s. Soon after the technology was developed, the product was released on the market and gained great popularity in society. It turned out that the wet wipes are very easy and convenient way to keep your basic hygiene habits especially when traveling.

Gradually the formula of wet wipes undergo changes in order to adapt to the diverse needs and desires of consumers. Depending on their use, the wipes are moistened with water or isopropyl alcohol, some contain softeners, lotions and aromatic essences, as well, but almost all of them have antibacterial purposes.

In the 1990s to the delight of mothers wet wipes for babies appeared and became an important element of kiddy’s hygiene and toiletry. In parallel with them continued the production of all kinds of wet wipes in various packages by leading cosmetic and household brands, newly fledged manufacturers and even store chains.

There is an inexhaustible range of wet wipes in the market today, including wipes for intimate hygiene, pet care, medical needs and pain relief. The formulation of each type is enriched with the finest to skin ingredients and is also consistent with the application.