10 techniques to disguise age for men

Say "goodbye" to your beard

A clean-shaven face gives a more youthful appearance. In support of this statement speaks a recent study conducted in the UK, where 300 volunteers were shown photographs of famous bearded men. After the participants were asked to guess the age of the men they were shown, each of the celebrities all of a sudden gained ten years of age.

Take care of your smile

A similar experiment illustrates the effect of oral health on overall appearance. Ruined, yellowed or missing teeth are able to prematurely age anyone, while a white radiant smile makes its owner more attractive and "erases" up to12 years.

Improve your posture

Along with inspiring respect, straightened spine and chest make one look healthier and stronger - physical characteristics associated with youth.

Update your wardrobe

Let the retro style where it belongs - in the past, and refresh your looks with up to date and stylish outfits. Stop resorting to clothes in black, gray and brown and wear lighter and even bright colors. Choose the appropriate cuts and sizes, so you do not add unnecessary weight to your figure, which is a frequent companion of advancing age.

Remove excessive hair

Over the years, major changes in the hormonal balance take place that could lead to the appearance of excessive hair on atypical places like the ears and the nose. It is better to remove those hairs and to trim too thick and strong eyebrows if you want to regain your youthful appearance.

Rejuvenate your spirit

"A man is as old as he feels". Modern scientists have confirmed that these are not just words. By doing more often things that he enjoys man maintains his vitality and reduces the stress levels catalysing aging. To the delight of men, researchers grade the intimacy on one of the top positions in the list of occupations with proven rejuvenating effect.

Take care of your hair

Eliminate the biggest informant of age, using the male hair dyes series Greyfix. Thanks to its foamy texture, this product is easy to apply at home and hides the graying hairs within 7 minutes, bestowing natural color and youthful glow. Cut your hair shorter if the graying is accompanied by hair loss. This will avoid the obvious contrast between the exposed areas and the untouched hair next to it.

Wear fresh cologne

Aromas have the ability to influence not only our mood, but even the way we perceive others. Using this knowledge, you could delicately manipulate the subconscious of the people you communicate with. Choose a fragrance with citrus notes - they create a feeling of purity, freshness and vitality, which in turn correspond to the concept of youth.

Keep your weight in norm

Fat deposits make a person visually older, but contrary to expectations, a too skinny figure begins to have the same effect after 40. Therefore, the key to a youthful appearance is the maintenance of a balanced healthy weight.

Revive your skin

Use a facial exfoliant once a week to remove dead skin cells that make your skin look rough and grayish. Reduce stress and fatigue with the appropriate energizing mask, while at least once a day apply a moisturizing product to prevent excessive drying of the skin and to smooth out wrinkles.

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