10 tips on how to look great during the holidays

The summer vacation is the time that everyone is eager to enjoy a few carefree days filled with sunshine, fresh air and good mood. But it is also a time with many dangers for the skin and the hair. Fortunately, a few simple and practical rules for beautification, you could not only avoid the harmful effects of the environment on your appearance, but also look great during your entire stay.

Try to limit your makeup

Skin needs air, and the combination of sweat, foundation and dirt can clog pores and cause serious infections. You could be content with only mineral powder and lip balm with SPF.

Spare your hair

Note that in the summer under the influence of the sun, salt and chlorine the color of your hair fades faster. It is better to limit heating appliances and styling products because they only make the hairs more fragile and vulnerable to UV - radiation. Replace them with a beautiful scarf or a hat for additional protection.

Moisturize your skin regularly

To keep the shine and freshness of your skin, it is advisable to apply moisturizer every morning after showering and also before bedtime. You can choose a facial cream with natural ingredients that will provide additional dose of nutrients to the cells, as well as a body lotion with regenerating ingredients, to avoid the post effects of the sun.

Take care of your nails

It would be nice before departure to make your manicure and pedicure to refresh your nails for the holiday. Choose nail polish in coral, mint, turquoise or other bright summer colors. And in the cosmetic kit not forget to put a hand and nail cream, containing antioxidant ingredients, such as melon or cherry, which to apply after the beach, every morning and every night.

Turn sunscreen products into your best friends

Since this is the basic law of a healthy and beautiful skin, we will never get tired of repeating it, too. Apply creams, lotions and oils with SPF according to the type of your skin, about 15-20 minutes before each time you go out, every two hours on the beach and after coming out from the water.

Walk barefoot on the beach

The sand will naturally make your feet soft and smooth, exfoliating dead cells with a gentle massage. The crashing waves at your feet, on the other hand, will stimulate blood circulation, relieve inflammations and traumas and shrink varicose veins.

Be careful with perfumes

Experts advise to avoid direct sprinkling of scents on the skin, as in contact with the sun some ingredients in the formula can cause irritation and pigment spots.

Consider your dress well

Try to choose clothes in bright colors and natural, breezy fabrics that will protect your skin from the sun and will also allow it to breathe. Particularly popular this year are floral patterns and bright colors that you can wear on dresses, skirts, shirts and pants.

The sheerer, the better

Experiment with your hair. It would be great to do it with every change of outfit. You can achieve it with the help of many attractive accessories (scarf, towel, hat, colorful hairpins or barrettes in the form of a flower) or hairstyles (braids, buns, ponytails, wet effect, curls and everything that comes into your mind) depending on your mood at the moment.

Be beautiful from the inside out

Surely, you know that the look of your hair and skin is directly related to your inner well-being. However, we will remind you that the general daily rule to keep your body well hydrated and fueled applies also during the holidays. And the best way to do this is by drinking lots of water and eating a balanced diet.

Although the sea or mountain holiday is the time when you supposedly forget about your obligations and problems, the beauty regime should not leave your everyday life. Because by maintain the principal cares for your skin, hair and body, you will not only look great all the time, but will also save yourself a number of indispositions that could embitter the pleasant emotions.

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