5 golden rules for a perfect manicure

 There is no need to allocate a monthly budget for a beauty salon to maintain perfect manicure. We can achieve it ourselves, at home, with the help of a few golden rules and a bit of imagination. Let's see what the top 5 tips of the professionals are, thanks to which we will be always proud of perfect manicure. 

First golden rule for a perfect manicure:

Keep your nails short and well formed.

The nails resembling eagle claws are not fashionable. Besides that look unaesthetic, they interfere in the performance of daily activities. Therefore it is good to shape them with glass nail file, at least once a week, trying to get a square shape with rounded edges. It is recommended the movement of the file to be performed in one direction. Otherwise we can infringe the integrity of the layers forming the nail and cause peeling and splitting.

Second golden rule for a perfect manicure:

Don’t gnaw your nails and cuticles.

This extremely harmful habit not only interferes with the maintenance of good manicure, but it can also lead to health problems. Once, bacteria on the hands and nails which we have contact in daily life with, can easily fall into the body and cause a number of discomforts. On the other hand - the aggressive impact of teeth hurts the cuticles and the quick and often leads to inflammation or infection. Systematic nail biting may cause permanent deformation of the nail plate.

Third golden rule for a perfect manicure:

Do not cut the cuticles, but push them.

Cutting your cuticles is a very wrong habit that stimulates their growth and gives aesthetical look of the nails. Furthermore the cuticles are a source of the so needed for the nail plate natural fats that keep it healthy and shiny, and support the retention of the ordinary or gel nail polish. Therefore, experts recommend taking time for the cuticles as a second step in the nail shaping.

Fourth golden rule for a perfect manicure:

Always follow the three main steps in nail painting.

It is extremely important for the strength and condition of nails to protect them with colorless base coat before applying color. Thus you will place a kind of insulation on the nail plate and will prevent the pigments and chemicals in nail polish to damage and weaken it. It is recommended to apply the color in thin layers (two are sufficient), otherwise you risk to choke the nail or make the manicure more brittle. Always apply a layer of top coat for shine and durability at the end of the procedure.

Fifth golden rule for a perfect manicure:

Nourish and hydrate your hands and nails.

The application of a specialized product - a lotion for hands and nails, a moisturizing or nourishing cream several times a day, especially after washing, is an essential condition for the good health of skin and nails. A formula with antioxidant (cherry, melon, vitamin E), softening (shea butter, glycerin, coconut oil) and soothing (aloe vera, D-panthenol) ingredients, will restore the missing components in the cells, the lipid balance and skin elasticity. It will protect the skin from external aggressors, will exfoliate dead cells, lighten pigment spots and strengthen the nails.
Whether we are fond of bright, classic or neutral shades, if we take proper care for our hands and nails, they will look beautiful, gentle and loving even without nail polish. Because the maintained hands with perfect manicure always make a good impression.


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