5 mistakes that ruin our hair


5 грешки, които съсипват косата ни

Washing is the main part of the care for our hair. But that does not mean that we do not make mistakes in performing this routine.

Many of us underestimate the existence of the concept of "the most suitable time for washing", bathing the hair every single day without any real need for this. If used more often than necessary, harmless shampoo is also becoming a threat to the hair as it takes away its natural protection – the sebum.

Others skip the washing of the hair after using styling products or after activities that provoke sweating. As a result, pollutants accumulate, which threatens the health of the scalp and hence the welfare of hair.

In addition to the inability to capture the right moment to wash, often we fail to find the most appropriate shampoo, too. To achieve that, we must simply look at our hair and find out what type it is and whether there are any specific features – dyed, with dandruff, etc.


Straightening with hair straightener and curling with iron expose hair to high temperatures that are challenging even for strong and healthy hair. This type of procedures should not become a routine, while women with thin or weak hair should take special care of it.

Before proceeding to heat styling, it is appropriate to assess the state of our hair and its ability to withstand such an ordeal. Then we need to envelop it with a layer of quality thermo-protective cosmetic product, to set the appliance at the safest possible temperature (healthy hair begins to burn at about 230 C) and to put all of our skills to work in order to reduce the duration of the negative impact.

We should never curl or straighten our hair while it is wet, because then it is much more vulnerable. It is dangerous to spray a fixative before the procedure, as the alcohol in it will start to burn.

Chemical treatment

Despite the serious progress of cosmetics and hairdressing, there are still some excessively aggressive hair treatments, such as permanent waving. Chemicals used in this procedure violate the shell of the hair and break the disulfide bonds in its interior, dooming it to a serious damage.

If you decide, in the name of shapely and lasting curls, to take a risk anyway, it is advisable to trust an experienced hairdresser, to provide yourself a reliable home care for hair restoration and not to change the color in the next ten days, so you don’t burden your hair additionally.


Sometimes, carried away by the desire of having a slim figure, we forget that our body, as well as our hair, needs regular and complete nutrition to be in good health. When the body has a shortage of nutrients, a rescuing redistribution of available resources starts. Thus, the vital organs are being supplied with food at the expense of hair, which gradually wears out and begins to fall. In addition to keeping a healthy diet it is always a good idea to bestow an additional portion of nutrients to our hair, using a nourishing conditioner.


Last but not least, we should not underestimate the unbreakable link between the condition of the hair and the health of the whole organism. Ignoring worrying signs from the body, frequent nervous tension and illnesses deplete our immune and hormonal balance. This inner disharmony is not a fertile ground for growing strong and beautiful hair.

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