5 Tips for tight bottom

Most of the men (we ask the gentlemen with other preferences to excuse us) determine the bottom as the sexiest part of the female body. The tight and well shaped bottom is higly esteemed and this article will help women to gain such a behind not only to be desirable but mostly to feel attractive and confident. We do not promise that it will be easy (it requires a comprehensive approach), nor that the effect will occur immediately (the body needs time to sculpt the gluteal muscles). But we can guarantee a successful result if you follow patiently and responsibly the following regime:


Excersise is undoubtedly essential for achieving firm skin and muscles. Not the gravity but the prolonged inactivity and laziness leads to atrophy and visible sagging of the bottom. It is recomended not to sit too long and when your profession does not allow you to comply with this recommendation, to compensate the time that you were still with subsequent activity. Walk to work, if possible. Run more often and not only when you are trying to catch the bus. Climb the stairs instead of using the elevator.


Maybe you're not into sports and you get muscle strain only at the thought of exercise, but for many of you it will be necessery (we said that achieving tight bottom won't be easy). There are many exercises focusing on the the gluteal muscles that do not even require special fitness equipment. Just select those that seem most appropriate and pleasant to you. Here are our suggestions:

  • Swings

Place your hands for support on a sufficiently high and stable furniture in your home - for example, the kitchen table and start making swings backwards with your right leg. Try to keep your leg straight and rise it to at least 90 degrees. Do several repetitions and continue with the left leg. 

  • Squats

Straddle your legs slightly and squat slowly until your bottom reach the level of your ankles. Stand up carefully and repeat the exercise. Keep your back straight and your head up all the time.


Pay attention to what you eat. Do the products really feed your body or just cover it with a layer of unnecessary fats? Do not starve - skinny bottom is not a synonymous with tight bottom. The rapid slimming, causing sagging skin would only recede you from the goal you have set.


Complete your diet and physical regime with appropriate cosmetic products that firm and smooth the skin. Such products are the anti-cellulite creams with heating or cooling effect that break down the unnecessary fats and prevent the accumulation of new ones. If necessary, include some products against stretch marks in your skin care. They are enriched with valuable ingredients stimulating the synthesis of elastin and collagen and lead to noticeable improvement of the turgor.


Activate the blood circulation in the bottom area with the help of massage. You can trust a therapist or achieve the same satisfying result by your own efforts. Use kneading movements or tap your bottom moderately strong. Massagers, sponge bath and contrast shower are also a suitable solution to enhance the blood supply, which contributes to the strength and elasticity of the skin and protects it from sagging.


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