5 tricks for cleaning children's teeth

Как да мием детските зъбки


Tooth brushing is the main hygiene habit that should start in babyhood, with the appearance of the first tooth. Unfortunately, many kids do not welcome the idea with enthusiasm and it turns into another challenge for their parents, just as bathing and feeding. With a little ingenuity, however, tooth brushing can become another funny and useful activity in children’s everyday life. We offer you 5 tricks to apply today.

Compose an enthralling story

Sometimes children need a "real" story to understand how important something is, in this case - tooth brushing. Can you remember the book "Karius and Bactus", in which two bad little men build their houses in the teeth of a boy who does not wash his teeth? Tell this story to your kids or better find the book and read it to them. They will probably believe in it.

Turn tooth brushing into a game

Combining tooth brushing with something pleasant, can significantly reduce discomfort in children putting them in their familiar environment. "Invite" the favorite stuffed toy or doll to take part in the ritual and let your child brush its teeth, together with his/her teeth.

Play a scene

Let the brush be a superhero in it, saving teeth from invaders (food residues, plaque, bacteria). Or present it (in sync with appropriate "sound") as funny little locomotive, which travels on teeth with large circular movements.

Give a personal example

Children will rush in the initiative with greater readiness seeing that their parents also brush their teeth. To show them exactly how to do it, stand together in front of the mirror and gently slide the brush on your teeth with light circular movements doing wide grimaces, so that children can see clearly your actions. Take advantage of kids’ propensity to imitate you. Let's see how you use the toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss to clean interdental spaces.

Negotiate for a prize

Children love to receive gifts, especially if they know they have earned them. So you can try to lure them promising them that if they wash their teeth morning and evening for two minutes, they'll get something they like or want for a long time. Or they will get dessert or an extra candy if they clean their teeth thereafter. If you have more than one child, you could turn tooth brushing into competition and "reward" your kids with something symbolic for each procedure so that they can compare their own achievements and be motivated.

Tempt them to choose alone

Let your children choose their brushes and toothpastes themselves. Not accidentally children "tools" for dental hygiene are so diverse and even with original design. The more vivid and attractive are the first and delicious the second, the greater will be the desire of children to use them. Don’t forget that the formulas of the toothpastes for children are consistent with their age - without sugar, with favorite fruit flavors, with reduced or without fluorine content and of course in attractive and colorful packages with funny characters. So go shopping with your child and give him/her opportunity to choose. Encourage him/her to try the new brush and toothpaste as soon as you get home.

Finally, we will remind you that no matter how delicate children are, they are very clever in their behavior, especially when they don’t want to do something. Children can very easily unravel the intentions of their parents, as skillfully they were concealed. The key in this case is not to give up, but to find a trick that works for your kids. We will be happy if you share your tricks.

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