6 tips for dealing with sensitive teeth


Tooth sensitivity is a common problem, causing serious discomfort in everyday life. The problem is particularly noticeable in the summer - the season of ice cream and soft drinks. It is characterized by sudden trembling or throbbing pain, when consuming hot, cold, sweet or acidic foods and drinks, and even while taking cold air through the mouth. Although there is no radical solution to the situation, there are ways, which can tangibly reduce tooth sensitivity, so it doesn’t interfere with our normal habits.

Tooth sensitivity is generally a result of enamel abrasion or wear of the coat of the tooth roots (which serve as a protection against external factors). Thus, dentin, furrowed with many tiny channels, where sensitive nerve endings pass through, remain open and respond to any irritant. How can we reduce tooth sensitivity and the pain caused by this pronlem?

Use a toothbrush with soft fibers

Using inappropriate toothbrush damages the tooth enamel and accelerates its wear. The stripping of the gums (a natural process due to age), makes dentin even more vulnerable to the action of the brush. Therefore, use a brush with the softest fibers - Extra Soft.

Change the brushing technique

Aggressive rubbing will only cause you pain and will lead to new damage of the enamel. If the gum has already stripped or the bone has melted somewhere, then the root (or a part of it) is probably visible and you rub its protective cover, while brushing your teeth. Therefore, use minimal pressure – it is proven that it is even more effective in the cleaning.

Avoid the consumption of food and drinks with acid composition

(fizzy drinks, citrus, pickles, vinegar ...). The acids are harmful to the tooth enamel, as they assist its degradation. If you still cannot resist them, turn tooth brushing into your habit, but not earlier than 20 minutes after meals (otherwise it can speed up the breakdown of the enamel).

Drink hot and cold drinks through a straw

Thus, you will avoid direct contact of the liquid with your teeth and you will be able to fully enjoy your drink. You can consume citrus or fizzy drinks the same way.

Stop gnashing of teeth

Some people do it in moments of stress, others - during sleep. In both cases it damages the tooth enamel and increases its sensitivity. Try to stop this habit, using some soothing techniques, finding new hobby or just changing your sleeping position.

Use toothpaste for sensitive teeth - with fluorine or homeopathic ingredients

The use of specialized formulas for sensitive teeth is recommended not only in case of a problem, but also for its prevention. These products contain active ingredients, including minerals, which fill the gaps in the enamel and build a barrier between dentin and the external environment. Thus they reduce hypersensitivity and recover the mineralization. For maximum effect, combine brushing with mouthwash rinsing.

Tooth sensitivity is a problem that should not remain ignored, because it can lead to more serious conditions. Consult a dentist, if there is no improvement, despite all your efforts.

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