7-day program for dehydrated skin

It is important to know that dehydrated skin is not dry skin. Dry skin is a major type of skin seen in case of insufficient production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. Dehydrated skin is a result of hydro imbalance in the body and has no connection with sebum secretion, ie the skin can be dehydrated and oily at the same time.

The reasons for the dehydration of the skin can be external (extreme temperatures, sunlight and UV-rays, wind, inappropriate cosmetics or improper care) and internal (hormonal imbalance, medical treatment, poor nutrition, insufficient consumption of water and vitamins) As a result the skin loses its shine, the wrinkles become more visible and rough or inflamed areas appear. Therefore, a complex care is needed to restore the moisture balance of the skin - healthy diet and moisturizing cosmetic products, tailored to your skin type. Here's how to organize them into an effective 7-day program.

Day 1: Cleansing ritual

Start and finish the day with three main steps in the care of beautiful skin - cleansing, toning, moisturizing. Choose gel / lotion and tonic with gentle and soft formula, suitable for your skin type, which will remove the accumulated makeup, dirt, bacteria and oil, will refresh the epidermis and will help the absorption of the ingredients in the moisturizer. Then apply day or night cream containing active agents such as aloe vera, vitamins, vegetable oils, which will retain moisture in the cells and will speed up their recovery.

Day 2: Skin nourishing – internal and external

The three steps for beautiful skin should be observed daily - after getting up and before going to bed. Today, however, you can make a face mask for extra nourishment. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, and include more fruits and vegetables in your menu. If you are more radical, experiment with one-day detoxifying diet or a healthy smoothies. Avoid fizzy drinks, chocolate, dairy products, fast food and alcohol, as they affect detrimentally not only the figure, but also the skin.

Day 3: Skin exfoliation

Remove dead cells, which choke the radiant shine of your complexion, before you move to the moisturizing step in the daily cleansing ritual. Use appropriate for your skin type, peeling formula. Apply it with gentle circular movements. Wash it off with lukewarm water and put an anti stress or a hydrating mask for extra effect. Only then moisturize your skin with the usual cream.

Day 4: Pore cleansing

Perhaps today you will notice a slight improvement in the density and vitality of the skin, but you should continue with the routine to make your care completely successful. Do a facial steam bath after completing the first step of the morning ritual. It will unclog the pores and will help their cleaning. Tone with tonic and moisturize with a suitable cream (the content of rose extract in the composition would have an especially beneficial effect). Change your pillowcase in this day, because it can spread germs and dirt and pollute the cleaned pores very easy.

Day 5: Face massage

A gentle massage after cleansing and toning the face will improve the blood circulation of the skin, will assist the removal of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, as well as the absorption of the moisturizing ingredients. Use a cream with aloe vera or cucumber for maximum effect.

Day 6: Repetition of the skin exfoliation and toning

After completing the daily morning ritual, it is necessary to remove again the dead cells on the skin surface. Thus you will clean much easier the impurities accumulated in the recent days. Tone your face with a swab soaked in rose water, which will refresh and tone the epidermis. Do not forget to focus on liquids, fruits and vegetables in your menu for the day.

Day 7: Skin protection

On the last day of the 7-day program for dehydrated skin, you should notice a significant difference in the tone, radiance and vitality of your face. It is recommended to create additional protection for your skin, before going out, to keep the achieved hydrobalance.

The easiest way to do that is applying a product, whose formula, containing natural extracts (coconut oil, vitamin E, lemon) maintains the natural hydro-lipid balance and the optimum pH level of the skin, while at the same time, protects the skin from moisture loss throughout the day

The 7-day program for dehydrated skin is undoubtedly a successful way to restore the gaps in the cellular structure - both internally and externally. But if you return to the previous rhythm in your lifestyle, all your efforts will be in vain. So, make healthy skin your priority, using appropriate cosmetics and care.

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