Anti-aging gymnastics for face and neck

Time is inexorable and sooner or later the body of each of us advances in age. Alas, it is inevitable, but we still have the right to choose when the process becomes visible. We recommend you to invest a little effort in performing the following training regime that combined with proper cosmetic care will delay the formation of wrinkles on your face in the distant future.

Keep in mind:

  • perform the exercises at the same time each day
  • repeat each exercise at least 5-6 times
  • do not overwork your muscles by doing too many repetitions
  • rest one day every week
  • clean and nourish your skin before exercise
  • perform the training slowly and without tension
  • be persistent, precise and patient
Exercise № 1 /against formation of horizontal lines on the forehead/

Cover your forehead with the palm of your right hand. Applying light pressure, slide your hand from left to right, and then from your lower forehead upwards. Now do the same with your left hand, but this time in the direction from right to left first, and then again from the bottom up.

Did you know ... although the relationship between back pain and wrinkles is difficult to track, it does exist! Painful sensations in the spine prevent the formation of collagen and thereby facilitate the formation of wrinkles.

Exercise № 2 /against formation of vertical lines between the eyebrows/

Stretch with two fingers the area where vertical lines have formed and using the index finger of your other hand start to massage with rotating movements.

Did you know ... going to bed without cleaning your skin from everyday pollutants and makeup contributes to premature aging, as it would be subjected to oxidation during the night, destroying the proteins providing its strength.

Exercise № 3 /against wrinkle around the eyes/

With your index fingers press lightly the outer corners of your eyes and lift them up. Be careful, because the skin in this area is very delicate! Close your eyes as much as possible, trying to move only the lower eyelids.

Did you know ... daily stress and anxiety causes the body to produce the so-called "stress hormones", including cortisol, which damages collagen fibers.

Exercise № 4 /against wrinkles around the mouth/

Blow up the area below your lower lip and hold your breath for 15 seconds. Then inflate the area between the nose and the upper lip for another 15 seconds.

Did you know ... excessive consumption of sugar can cause glycation of proteins (bonding alien carbohydrate components to them) and thus lead to loss of skin elasticity.

Exercise № 5 /against wrinkle on the neck/

Draw an imaginary dotted line on both sides of your throat, then start pressing lightly the dotted points of these lines (about 8 times each) with the pads of your middle fingers.

Did you know ... sleeping on a high pillow, as well as prolonged standing with your chin bowed to your chest, could lead to formation of wrinkles on the neck.

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