Astrological signs and cosmetics

The character of every person is determined largely by his or her zodiac sign. Cosmetics, on the other hand, are one of the means through which we are able to express our individuality. And since our strengths and weaknesses are dictated by the stars, the way in which we emphasize or conceal them, is also based on our astrological sign.

And to make sure that the cosmetics you use are in harmony with the hallmarks of your sign, we offer you some guidelines.


Extravagant hair styles in bright colors correspond perfectly to the Aries’ desire to stand out in a crowd. And since the constant color experiments of these headstrong representatives of the zodiac are a real challenge for the health of the hair, the use of dyes enriched with nourishing oils is strongly recommended.


The stubbornness of the Taurus is proverbial, but that is certainly not his only distinctive feature. People that belong to this sign tend to accumulate their emotions inside themselves, and particularly in the thighs and the hips. Fortunately, if they make the same efforts regarding cosmetics for weight loss they will quickly overcome the negative consequences for their figure.


Because of their dual nature, whatever you say about twins, it's only half the truth. Besides frequent mood swings, their ambivalence gives rise to problems in physical terms associated with the body’s pairs. Therefore, the guided by Mercury sign must always have a tube of moisturizing hand cream around them.


Being subjected to the moon, the majority of females have a strong maternal instinct, which, however, makes them look very strict. To soften their facial lines, literally too, the representatives of the sign must attack timely the appearance of the first wrinkles, using appropriate anti-age cosmetics.


The king of the zodiac knows exactly what he wants, especially when it comes to his "mane". His strong ego does not allow him to put up with the standard looks, so if he reaches for the hair styling products more often, he will always look stunning, just as befits a noble person.


Virgos are known for their obsession with order and cleanliness. Their desire everything around them to be as clean as possible often creates discomfort, especially when they find themselves in the highly polluted environment of the big city. The representatives of this sign need to constantly wash themselves, especially when it comes to hands. It is a real pleasure for them to choose soaps of different types and aromas – for the home, the office, for travel.


The Libras have refined style and do not like extremes. Their aspiration for balance holds true for both hair and makeup. But for those of them who have decided to break the status quo, a new hairstyle in a completely different color would do a great job.



Magnetic and mysterious as the water itself, the representatives of this water sign rarely suffer from lack of attention. It would be a good idea for them to take a bigger care for the hydration of their skin, so they are always in harmony with their guiding element.



Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have a very freedom-loving and adventurous spirit. And in view of their dynamic lifestyle, spending a lot of time outdoors, they should never neglect the face and body sunscreen.



Capricorns are very ambitious and attach great importance to their career. And because appearance is important for her (and not only!) they can never afford to look anything but perfect. Capricorn selecte their clothing with great caution, after all, people "meet on clothes", but it's good to know that there is nothing that makes a better first impression than the shiny white teeth.


Dreamers and philosophers by nature, Aquarians are very prone to swelling and other problems in the limbs, caused by lymphatic stasis. And this is not by chance - after all, always flying in the clouds, they rarely set foot on the ground. Especially recommended for this air sign are the cooling foot creams, as well as the anti-cellulite products.


Quite often, fishes swim in the waters of pessimism, which causes them headaches and insomnia, and sometimes even much more serious psychosomatic illnesses. Daily aromatherapy sessions in the shower are especially effective against the pessimism of this astrological sign.

Remember that these are only guidelines, not regularities. The wide range of Aroma products allows everyone to express themselves in accordance with both the predisposition of the stars and with his/her current mood. Feel free to experiment.

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