Autumn menu for beautiful skin

Autumn, modern psychologists say, is the season of true and lasting love. Let’s support this assertion, revealing the full beauty of our feelings towards our skin, endowing it with a healthy portion of autumn fruits and vegetables.

Есенно меню за красива кожа


Recently, a team of British and Dutch scientists conducted an experiment with more than 600 volunteers, which demonstrated the relationship between the intake of refined sugar and the appearance of wrinkles. In this respect, pears are a delicious and effective way to combat skin aging. Besides satisfying our appetite for sweets, this autumn fruit is a great source of fiber, which further reduces the level of sugar in the blood.

Another useful component of pears - arbutin, is famous as one of the most effective and safe substances with depigmentation properties. It inhibits the synthesis of melanin in the skin and thus helps to its lightnening.

Beauty Recipe: Blend 1 ripe pear, along with the seeds and you will get a very gentle face peeling. Enzymes and antioxidants will remove dead cells and toxins, opening the pores for the absorption of the valuable vitamins and minerals of the fruit.


Juicy grapes are full of flavonoids, which act as a sunscreen, protecting the skin from UV radiation. In addition, these antioxidants increase blood flow to the skin, providing it with oxygen and nutrients.

Alpha-hydroxy acids in grapes take care of the peeling of dead epidermal layer and replace it with healthy cells. Ascorbic acid also helps the rejuvenation process, and along with it the rapid removal of scars of different origins.

Thanks to the natural moisturizers like vitamin E, this fruit maintains the moisture balance of the skin, giving it freshness and softness.

Beauty recipe: Mash a few grains of grapes and smear your face with their juice. Only in a few minutes the miraculous liquid will lighten and smooth your complexion, while your cheeks will acquire a pleasant youthful glow.


Carotenoids, giving the intense color of the pumpkin, and various other fruits and vegetables possess strong antioxidant activity. They bind to free radicals in cells and deterrent their negative impact on our skin.

Vitamin C, which also combats the oxidative stress, promotes the synthesis of collagen, keeping our body shell elastic, smooth and younger.

Rich in zinc, niacin and omega-3 fatty acids, pumpkin control the oiliness of the skin, improves its protective barrier and protects it from inflammation. The molecules of this fruit/vegetable are small enough to easily penetrate through the pores, making it an ideal face pack.

Beauty recipe: Apply on the problematic areas a mixture of finely grated piece of pumpkin, honey and fresh lemon juice once a week for about 20 minutes to get rid of blackheads, acne and excess sebum.


Legend has it that Aphrodite herself maintained her beauty by often consuming a rich in folic acid, fiber and micronutrients root vegetable. Today, for science it is no secret that the cells on the surface of the body are highly dependent on folic acid. It contributes to the DNA synthesis, slows down aging and prevents problems such as seborrhea and vitiligo.

Full of betalaines and polyphenols - phytochemicals with amazing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, the beetroot neutralizes the adverse effects of environment and weather on our skin, keeping it clean, tight and strong.

Beauty recipe: Add a little vegetable juice to your favorite clay face pack to get rid easier of the imperfections on your face. And for eliminating stubborn cellulite, mix 1 grated beet with a spoon of honey and a spoon of black pepper. Spread the mixture on the affected areas, wrap them in folio and rinse after half an hour.

After the hot summer season, do not forget the obligatory cosmetic care. Use the appropriate cosmetics for your face and body, to restore the moisture balance of your skin.


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