Baby superstitions

The creation of a new life is the greatest miracle of all. But instead of enjoying and celebrating the fact that the miracle has happened in her womb, after realizing that she is pregnant every woman starts living in constant fear for her child. Fear originating in the hundreds of superstition, in which our nation believes for  centuries.

Of course, it is just to respect the experiences of people who lived before us, but somehow it seems more appropriate to listen to the voice of our own wisdom and that of the times in which we live in. After all, the enormous power of thought is emphasized more than anything else today? So, what about its ability to alter destiny? Is it not better to banish any doubt that our pregnancy will pass well, that our child will be born perfectly healthy and that it will have a long and happy life?

Surely, it is not easy to decide, because our mother's love does not allow us to take any risks. Still, let's make an effort to reduce the excessive concern and consider only recommendations of our ancestors that really have a preventive nature or make us feel more secure about the safety of our children (such as red thread and safety pin that "locks" the evil). And from the other traditions that only burden us and are even harmful to our children, to distance ourselves without hesitation.

According to folklore, pregnant women should not:
  • go to the cemetery, so not to give birth from the devil.

Well, there’s no way to give birth from the devil, unless that is the name of the father. But it really is better to avoid places and events that generate negative emotions.

  • cut her hair, so not to harm the child.

Although trimming can only affects the health of her own hair (and the welfare of the hairdresser).

  • eat rabbit, mushrooms, snails, chicken wings and goat meat.

At the same time, however, she should try everything she sees, even if it is rabbit with mushrooms.

  • eat fish, because her child will be freckled.

In fact, omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, prevent the occurrence of freckles.

  • hang out laundry, not to twist the umbilical cord of the baby.

The movements of the mother (even if it comes to complex acrobatics) are not capable of causing torsion of the umbilical cord. But it is a good idea to keep the future dad in the dark to save ourselves at least part of the housework.

If the newborn is sick:
  • should be bathed with a cat or a dog to pass on them its illness.

Actually, the reverse order of transmission of diseases is much more likely.

  • several incisions on its back must be made with a razor, so the bad blood drips out.

No comment!!!

When bathing the newborn, the following must be added:
  • wine to curl its hair;
  • garlic juice to make it thick, too;
  • salt, so that its sweat doesn’t smell;
  • egg and walnut leaves, to smooth its skin;
  • silver coin – to be clean;

 And it is so much easier to ensure all of that (though without the curls) with only a single product...

Also, we should not touch the newborn baby at night, kiss it, cut its nails until it is 1 year old ... and so on and so on. The list of superstitions is extremely long. Whether we believe them and let them take effect depends solely on us. But preoccupied to defend our children from every visible and invisible evil force, let’s not fail to meet their real needs.

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