Beautiful at 50+

The 50s are a good age! But also very challenging. This is the time when women are faced with serious hormonal changes in their bodies – the menopause. In combination with changes in the appearance caused by the natural aging process, for many of them it is a real challenge to stay (and feel) young and beautiful for longer. But there is a way! It is enough to make some key changes in your daily rituals and way of life and you'll feel beautiful and desirable enough even at 50+!

Be persistent in the care of your face and body skin

Over the years, the skin elasticity and hydration decreases and under the influence of hormonal changes the imperfections and the problems worsen. Therefore it is particularly important to follow your beautification ritual responsibly every day: apply day and night cream for mature skin, enriched with anti-aging agents (aminopeptidase, Q10) and natural oils (argan oil, olive oil); use body lotion after bathing and eye care product with retinol at bedtime. Thus, you will keep the moisture and nutrients levels in norm, will protect your skin from free radicals and will counteract the processes of cell degeneration.

Exfoliate your skin once a week to remove the dead cells that give your complexion grey color.

Reduce the makeup

You may want to hide the signs of age, but you won’t achieve this by covering your face with tons of makeup. You will look fresher, younger and naturally beautiful, if you limit yourself to the most necessary – tinted cream for skin hydration, fine layer of powder or foundation in the right places to equalize the complexion, mascara on the upper lashes, pencil or shadows for delicate highlighting of the upper eyelid, a little blush on the cheeks and volumizing lip gloss.

Start protecting your hair

After years of treatment with all sorts of styling products, heat appliances and chemicals, your hair is certainly very damaged. Therefore, it is advisable to include some changes in your hair care - choose a hairstyle, which gives more density and volume to the hair; use a shampoo once a week and only a conditioner in the other days. Consider switching to a lighter hair color.

Listen to the signals of your body

They are an infallible barometer of your health and can save you a lot of headaches - literally and figuratively. Incessant cough, bleeding (although you're in menopause for years), stomach discomfort (no matter what you eat) ... share your observations and concerns with your doctor and everything will be under control.

Make friends with sport

The exercises are the best remedy for the disorders of menopause and aging. Besides keeping the spirit young and the body flexible, the physical activity is especially beneficial for all systems in the body. It slows down the wear of the joints, strengthens the muscles, increases tonus and energy, helps smoothing the skin, reduces hot flashes and even prolong life. Swimming, yoga, jogging, walking, hiking - whatever you choose, you will feel the effect in the shortest time.

Eat healthily

The key to good shape is not in being on a diet, but to choose the correct foods and consume them frequently. Emphasize whole grain foods, fruits, vegetables ( especially leafy green), legumes and non-greasy meat. Besides being rich in essential for the health and beauty , substances, they all support fat burning and satisfy hunger for longer. Eat smaller portions every 2-3 hours and instead of depriving yourself of dessert, just burn some calories through exercise afterwards.

Finally, we will remind you that it is not important how old you really are, but how old you feel. Since every age has its charm, just combine the best of all previous decades to feel beautiful at 50+ - the mood of the 20s (by your attitude towards life), the tonus of the 30s (through sport), the best body shape of the 40s (through nutrition and self-confidence) and the beauty of the 50s (through the skin care of your face and body with the most suitable products).

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