Beautiful in the year of the wooden sheep

According to the Chinese horoscope 2015 is the year of the Wooden / Green sheep. It starts on February 4th and continues until February 3rd, 2016. But notice - in Chinese culture it is the first day of the spring, not the first day of the New Year. The last one will be celebrated on 19th February.

By nature sheep is kind, gentle and sympathetic creature. People born under its sign (in the years of 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015) usually possess the same qualities. They are artistic, elegant esthetes in love with the nature. They are extremely quiet and therefore are excellent workers, not leaders. Such people are interested in mystical matters, and do not comply with time. Often they are guided by their whims and own rhythm, which seems rather chaotic and irresponsible, but actually it follows perfectly mapped plan, in favor of the self-interest.

In this respect, 2015 is going to be much more peaceful and creative year compared with the mad gallop of the horse in the last year. It is time to stop and evaluate the achievements, to think about our loved ones, to take a deep breath and look to the future.

Harmonious relations, understanding, development in new fields in personal and professional aspect, talents and overall progress, come to the fore. We must avoid conflicts and be purposeful and generous to the world, as well, to achieve them. To facilitate the enterprise, we can listen to the advice of the stars how to be beautiful in the year of the wooden sheep. After all, the first impression for us is based on our clothing.


Charismatic, energetic and dynamic, you are the leaders of 2015. It will be one of the luckiest years in your life, including in your appearance. With your innate sense of style and intuitive decisions you will continue shopping with a flourish. Try, however, to include more accessories in the emblematic color for your zodiac sign - red.

As you easily lose interest and you don't like to immerse into details, experiment with a variety of models, colors and textures in your clothes. A little more glamor will not harm you - it will highlight your look. Satisfy your need of comfort wearing sports and casual clothes at your leisure.

Beauty advice: If you are typical Aries, you probably believe that beauty is determined by inner wellbeing. So make sure you exercise regularly, keep your weight in norm, sleep well, drink plenty of water and eat wisely.


You are as cold-blooded as temperament. And even if you are practical in your style, you don’t hesitate to demonstrate a taste for the finest fabrics and luxury goods. So probably this year you will continue to spend a lot of money for accessories, clothes and procedures that bring complete delight to your senses. But be careful and choose your purchases wisely to not find yourself broke.

Accentuate on more bright colors in your look and pay attention to the small details. Combine your clothes with spectacular jewelry or soft scarves. Invest in at least one favorite aroma and a new cosmetic product for face and body.

Beauty advice: Ruled by the planet Venus, you are born to love and be loved. So, allow yourself short breaks in beauty salon - this will keep your spirit uplifted and you will continue to enjoy attention.


Everyone knows that you have contradictory nature. On the one hand, you are modest, innocent and funny, on the other hand you are crazy and relentlessly sarcastic. This explains the diversity of styles in your appearance. You love to borrow ideas and trends, but to change them in your own way. Go on in the same spirit in 2015.

Remember that light and airy fabrics such as chiffon or cotton, and bright colors match your air nature. Don’t be afraid to add more rings, large bracelets or a set of several bracelets. A large handbag and a red wallet (to attract money) will complement your glamorous look.

Beauty advice: Although you are charming by nature, you are always ready for a challenge in your appearance. So don’t hesitate to make an appointment for photoepilation or another procedure that will help you look perfect.


Managed by the Moon, your moods vary like its phases - from total euphoria to apathy. In whatever state of mind you are, however, you always want to look perfect and to satisfy your needs. In 2015, you will shine even brighter and you will want to experiment more.

You love comfort, so select delicate fabrics that make your body feel light. Fabrics like silk or organza will add femininity to your look, and colors like silver and light blue will calm you in stressful days. Give your face more breaks from makeup.

Beauty advice: Pay more attention to your skin. Acneic inflammation or dark circles may occur in case of stress or lack of sleep. Treat them immediately with specialized cosmetic formulas - a cleansing product for problematic skin, an eye serum and a hydrating night cream.


You can always be recognized in the crowd - your laugh is the loudest, your smile is the most radiant and your look is the most confident. Your style is always made of luxury and originality, combining bold models, extreme decisions and an excellent taste. This will bring you more occasions for flirting, fun and passion in 2015.

You adore the attention of others and usually receive it. Your look has a great merit for this. Invest in some custom-made suits, in fabrics like silk and cashmere, in regular care for your hair and skin. Use your unerring sense of detail (jewelry and accessories), and each door will be opened to you without effort.

Beauty advice: You are the sexy kittens of the zodiac, so you never miss fans and admirers. Try to keep your face and body in top form. What about Brazilian waxing or a bust firming cream?


As the most pedantic in the zodiac, your style is a model of perfection. You cannot stand wrinkled clothes or pet hair on your coat. You love simple, practical and elegant items that can serve you for a long time. In 2015, however, you need to break the routine and be more daring.

You love to elaborate each detail in your look and to spend time for refreshment before each activity, but it somewhat deprives you of the magic of spontaneity. So refresh your wardrobe with clothing in turquoise, yellow, red, green. Wear more casual hairstyle, as well as sneakers in your spare time.

Beauty advice: You may not love to pamper yourself, but if you do it from time to time you will feel much fresher and full of energy. Try to invest a small amount in massage, spa or aromatic cosmetic care once every 3 months or in special occasions.



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