Beautiful in the Year of the wooden sheep - II-nd part

It is time to continue with the beauty advice of the stars in the Year of the wooden sheep for the other 6 astrological sign:


You are the epitome of honesty, fairness and balance - qualities that you naturally attract people with. You rarely fall into fashion difficulties as you have critical eye, excellent taste and you know exactly what suits you. In 2015, however, try to listen more to your instincts.

Be more determined in the daily choices you make. Combine classic clothes with bold and big accessories (bags, shoes, sunglasses) and you will always look chic no matter where you go. Make up your face with light colors highlighting your natural features (hair, eyes, skin color, face shape).

Beauty advice: You are the luckiest in the zodiac with respect to the skin - it is natural, healthy and young. Keep these features of your skin drinking plenty of water. Exfoliate it regularly (especially in the winter) and apply gentle mask for tonus and freshness once a week.


Dynamic and passionate by nature, you are unpredictable in your style. You can be bold and sexy in one moment and completely practical and simple in the next. This year, however, trust your intuitive choice in respect of the impression you want to leave. Your confidence will do the rest.

Try some tricks that comply with your mysterious and experimental nature: search for clothes that look expensive but are actually cheaper; use natural products that add shine, softness and elasticity to skin and hair; choose sensual lacy underwear in bold black or bright red.

Beauty advice: Try to organize your look for a particular event in time. Consider every detail to highlight your best qualities. Pay more attention to your makeup choosing products with more color and shine. This way you will attract attention with just a blink of your eye and you will get what you want.


By nature you are not interested in fashion trends. It is important for you to feel comfortable and you choose your clothes and accessories practically - mostly jeans and T-shirts. This year, try to experiment with your look to find your true nature. You won’t break your stylistic preferences if you include more airy models and natural fabrics in clothing (cotton, wool, linen). More color, including in your makeup - a little lip gloss and mascara, will give you discreet femininity. In combination with large bags and accessories you will exude freedom, but also will demonstrate presence.

Beauty advice: The natural beauty may be your basic principle, but like every woman you want to look attractive. And since vanity and treats are not your taste, think about more durable solutions - permanent makeup, photoepilation, new hairstyle that is easy to maintain.


You are among the most stable, responsible and serious people in the zodiac. This is clearly seen not only in your behaviour, but also in your look. You love to add some crazy accessory, which makes it difficult for people to specify your style. In 2015, give yourself more freedom in your appearance and most of all - spend more time for it.

You have used to style your hair with just a few movements in front of the mirror. But you can try to refresh your hair a little bit -change its color, let it grow or cut your bangs. Do the same with your clothes - invest in several models, which you have ignored till now.

Beauty advice: cleanse your organism periodically and release the stress. Go to bed early, eat healthily and travel. Include some deep nourishing formula in your skin care and hair care - conditioner, mask, cream. This will help you meet each new challenge with a smile.


You are people who like to overpower the world to themselves, not the opposite. Bohemian at heart, you don’t like restrictions, especially when it comes to high heels and tight clothes. Therefore, you change fashion trends as you please. But this year, you might have to obey and accept them.

To dress according to the protocol doesn’t mean that you’ll merge with the crowd. You can be still original, if you know how to combine the elements. Wear skirts and dresses more often, buy yourself platform shoes and let your hair down - in a word, look for femininity in your appearance. You'll be surprised how much more you will attract attention.

Beauty advice: Because communication is equally important for you as the oxygen you breathe, it might be good to pay attention to your dental hygiene. Stuff your caries, whiten your teeth and start using mouthwash for fresh breath. You won’t go wrong if you buy yourself a shiny lip gloss in saturated color.


You are sensual and romantic natures. You move with genuine grace and that’s why you like airy and light fabrics that follow the curves of your body and do not interfere with your daily responsibilities. In 2015, you will have to be more practical in your style, but try not to sacrifice you needs.

Allow yourself more freedom in shopping. Invest in one thing with good quality and long life instead of looking for discounts and buying ‘’wholesale’’. Pay more attention to the colors and fabrics, trying to conceal your imperfections and emphasize the advantages of your figure. Experiment with vamp look on special occasions or when you go out.

Beauty advice: Learn to cope with emotional load in everyday life. Start practicing techniques for relaxation, take aromatic bath before bedtime more often, and make an appointment for a massage or refreshing beauty treatment from time to time.

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