Beauty sleep


Sleep is one of the most natural, free and 100% effective means to maintain your beauty. And as the good night sleep can instantly make your appearance vital and healthy, so its absence causes sagging skin, bags and dark circles under the eyes, loss of luster.

To sleep for beauty is not just a myth. Because the skin has the ability to recover extremely quickly, 7-8 hours in the bed are sufficient to look rested and fresh in the morning, just as if you’ve come back from a long vacation.

The reason is that while the body is at rest the cells regenerate, accelerating the exfoliation of the dead layer, the hydro balance and the structure of the cells are restored, the production of collagen and elastin accelerates, the pores breathe. At the same time, all sorts of hormonal and metabolic processes take place in the body, the natural rhythm of which can easily be violated if sleep is lacking. Sleep deprivation acts as a stress on the immune system - not only for the body, but also for the skin.


Try to go to bed and get up at the same time each day. The perfect time is between 10 pm and 7 am, to achieve the optimal period of 7-8 hours of beauty sleep. Note that a longer sleep on the weekend does not compensate for its absence during the week. Nor an afternoon nap longer than 30 minutes. It is recommended that it ends by 16:00.

Sleep duration

It is important to know the measure of beauty sleep. According to experts it is not good to overdo it because a too long stay between the covers (11-12 hours) may have the opposite effect - to increase the breakdown of skin cells, to cause swelling and even visible fatigue. Before going to bed, it is recommended to observe strict ritual in skin and body care, so that they can get ready for a sound sleep.

Cozy atmosphere and tranquility

It is better to remove all possible technological devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Avoid any illuminated areas and noises during sleep. It has been shown that the brain reacts even to the subtle sound and light waves, which does not allow it to relax completely.

Sleeping posture

Learn to sleep on your back. In this way you will avoid pressing the face in the pillow, which speeds up the sagging of the skin and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, due to impaired blood circulation. In addition, all body systems will operate adequately.

Bed linen

Stick to light, fine and breezy fabrics for bed linen. Silk or cotton will protect the body from overheating and will spare the skin of unwanted wrinkles. Furthermore, some colored and textured (artificial) fabrics can cause unwanted irritations.

Ritual for relaxation of mind and body

Before bedtime take a shower or a bath-tub with aromatic products to delight the senses, make a bath-tub for your feet with sea salt and a few drops of an appropriate essential oil, drink a cup of herbal tea to eliminate stress, apply a rich nourishing and moisturizing lotion on the whole body (we recommend fragrance of lavender, jojoba or citrus).

Facial beautification ritual before bedtime

In order to make the most of the beauty sleep and the regenerative processes to take place completely, the pores should be thoroughly cleaned with enough moisture. Therefore, carefully remove makeup and dirt with a product with soft formula (washing gel or cleansing milk), tone the skin with tonic or lotion and apply hydrating night care according to the individual needs.

The beauty sleep deserves the same respect and attention that the diet and the regular physical exercise receive. And once it becomes a priority in your daily routine, you will begin to look at it as an inexhaustible source of energy and health. Try it already tonight, by going to bed a little earlier, and help your body and skin derive all the benefits of the beauty sleep.

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