Effective cleaning of the facial pores

Keeping the facial pores clean is essential in the skin care - not only for its beauty but also for its health. Several basic steps in your beautification ritual, followed regularly and responsibly, are sufficient


The pores function as a kind of respiratory system of the skin and assist its natural oiliness and cooling through sweat. On the other hand, they absorb bacteria, dirt, dust, makeup and everything that falls on the face from the environment everyday.

In combination with sweat and sebum is mixed a colorful "cocktail" of pathogens, which clogs the pores (leaving all harmful substances inside), expands their size and provides favorable conditions for the development of micro-organisms, which lead to the appearance of comedones, pimples, inflammation and more serious skin problems.

How to keep the pores of the face clean to avoid the consequences?

Clean your face 2 times a day - morning and evening.

During the night, the pores exude sweat, which in combination with the rest of the night cream forms a greasy film on the skin surface. So, wash your face with lukewarm water, remove residual chlorine and impurities with a gentle lotion and apply the usual moisturizing day product. Repeat the ritual in the evening, but with cleansing milk and night cream.

Be sure to tone the skin.

The use of tonic is essential for maintaining hydration balance. Its formula contains active ingredients that assist the regenerative processes, clean, tighten and nourish the pores and refresh the appearance. It is good to include it in your morning and evening ritual.

In the summer select products with lighter textures.

Thus you will allow your skin breathe more freely, will prevent the clogging of its pores and the sticky effect formed by the formula and the increased humidity.

Do a facial steam bath.

This is the oldest and easiest way to clean and unclog the pores. The vapors penetrate deeply and eliminate the impurities. You can help the process with fingertips, but carefully not to damage the skin. Let your skin absorb moisture and then seal it into the pores with a moisturizing product.

Exfoliate the dead cells regularly.

The dead skin layer accumulates on the surface of the face and not only causes loss of shine and even complexion, but also clogs the pores. The gentle exfoliating formula will instantly peel the unnecessary cells and will revitalize the appearance.

Apply a mask once a week.

Usually the formula has complex action - it hydrates, nourishes, cleanses, relieves and restores. For sensitive, oily or inflamed skin, use a clay mask, as it absorbs the excess sebum, removes pollution and toxins, and deeply cleanses the pores.

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