Express program against double chin

Double chin is a cosmetic defect, which we could obtain without notice. The worse of it is that it is always noticeable - especially on photos. Although its "smoothing" usually requires a lots of time,  with the next express program you will attack double chin quickly and efficiently, or will prevent its formation.

Typically, a double chin is formed between 35 and 45 years of age and is associated with obesity. But it occurs in people with normal, even slim physique, as well, due to loss of elasticity of the muscles under the chin. Whatever the cause is (genetic factors, age, lack of nutrients and movement), you can counteract the process easyly - with regimen including certain vitamins, exercises against double chin and neck massage. So, 1, 2, 3, go!


It is good to turn gymnastics against double chin into daily habit. It is enough to do the following exercises several times in the morning and evenings:

  • Tilt your head back until your eyes meet the ceiling. Return to starting position. Bend your head diagonally to the right and return. Bend it diagonally to the left and return again. Turn your head clockwise and then otherwise. It is important to perform the movements very slowly, so that the muscles stretch smoothly.
  • Cover your teeth with your lips and form the letter "O" with your mouth, then smile. Repeat 6 times. Tilt your head back slowly, keeping the smile and move twice your lower jaw. Rest a few seconds and make two more repetitions. 
  • Open your mouth as widely as possible and protrude your tongue forwards as much as you can until you feel a tightening of the chin and the neck. Stay in this position till you count to 10 and return to starting position. Repeat 10 times.
  • Tighten the tendons of the lower jaw by placing your lips over your teeth and bending down the lip corners as you frown. Hold 10 seconds and relax. This will strengthen the muscles along the jaw and the neck.
  • Place a tennis ball between your chin and neck. Press it firmly and release (it is similar to the movements with an anti-stress ball). Repeat 10 times.
Cosmetic assistants

It is higly recommended to clean your skin thoroughly with mild cleansing formula and nourish it with cream before and after the exercises for the chin and neck muscles. But it is important to choose the face cream properly, as in case of loss of elasticity, skin and muscles need certain ingredients to restore the missing elements (vitamins A and E, wheat germ, almonds, collagen and omega-3).


Use the opportunity to combine the application of the product with massage of the neck and the double chin. Start from your throat and move upwards with slow rotating movements. Start gently smoothing your skin forward when you reach to the chin. Then proceed with pulling the side muscles - on the edge of the jaw at the end of the ear. Do the procedure about 20 minutes, including at bedtime.

Finally - a very effective trick

Start chewing gum every day. Besides being benefitial to the teeth, the blood supply of the brain and the concentration, it also provides great exercise for the face muscles, which in turn will burn all the fat, forming the double chin. Choose sugar-free gums or gums with natural sweeteners, if you are worried about your figure.

Double chin elimination, of course, will not happen over night. But if you combine the implementation of this express program with cosmetics, improving skin tone,  and also a menu rich in vitamins and fluids you will acquire a new look much earlier than you expect. Good luck!



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