Feng shui tips for harmonious appearance

We are used to perceive Feng shui as a method capable of harmonizing our lives through purposeful changes in our environment. But this ancient Chinese system can improve our destiny through the observance of certain rules regarding our appearance, too.


There is a direct connection between the skin and the fate of a person. If one’s face is smooth, his or her life will be as well. If it is full of even minor imperfections, obstacles and challenges standing in his way will not be rare. Therefore, the foundation of the Feng shui concept of beautiful and harmonious appearance is the regular cleaning of the face, the timely treatment of acne and the fight against premature skin aging.


The ancient philosophy considers the eyebrows a kind of guardian, protecting the individual from emotional and physical trauma. It is therefore more appropriate to preserve their natural form. But if you do decide to bring some "improvements" in this element of your look, it is better to comply with the following:

  • Make your eyebrows darker than your hair;
  • Do not take away the curves entirely;
  • Leave them thicker at the base.
  • The lips should be "fluffy" and always well hydrated. You could add more volume using the appropriate cosmetics, but do not overdo it, so they are not in a dissonance with the other features of your face.
  • Eyes with too dark makeup attract negative energy and bad luck. So it is advisable to operate more sparingly with the mascara and the black pencil.
  • Glowing and shining cheekbones herald good fortune. That is way, the rouge is more than necessary addition to the makeup of each lady. It is of particular importance, however, that it is in the appropriate hue and volume, in order to seem as naturally as possible.

Hands are a vital part of the body, as the left one absorbs energy and the right one gives it away. According to the Feng shui requirements for a perfect manicure, all nails should be in the same color, while on those on the ring and the middle fingers a different shade can be subsequently applied. Fingers are real conductors of energy and by emphasizing the ring and the middle fingers the spiritual and emotional growth of the individual is being enforced.


Hairstyle speaks to a large extend about the nature of a person, and it is also able to influence positively or negatively his/her health, financial success, love life and career. The glamor of a beautiful hair emitts harmonic vibrations and should be the main focus of anyone headed to the good life. You can easily attract luck on your side, dyeing your hair in the "correct" color. And here's how to find out what your personal color is:

  • Add the last two digits of the year you were born in (eg. 1985).

8 +5 = 13

  • If the result is a two-digit number, as in the case, add them to each other again.

1 + 3 = 4

  • Add 5.

4 + 5 = 9

  • Your number is 9.

Your personal number corresponds to certain colors that are most appropriate for you.

1 = black, blue-black, dark chestnut, golden blond, copper, burgundy

2 = reddish, fiery red, light blonde, pearl blond, hazel

3, 4 = mocha brown, light brown, black-brown; mahogany, natural blond

5, 8 = maroon, mahogany violet, deep red, Sahara, natural chocolate

6 = chocolate brown, dark maroon, silver ash, ash blond, caramel

7 = copper, golden blonde, golden chestnut, silver blond, light brown, hazelnut

9 = cherry, violet, deep red, burgundy, platinum blond,

Find your personal color of success in the palette of Aroma Color, Aroma Style and Aroma Color Henna.


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