First symptoms of acne

While another name for acne is “teenage pimples”, there is no need to be a teenager with crazy hormones to suffer from it. This uncomfortable, and unfortunately, persistent skin condition occurs in later life, as well as in infants. How to know if the sudden change in the relief of your skin is acne? Here are the first symptoms.

People with oily skin, in which there is a hyper secretion of sebum, suffer the most from acne. When bacteria on the skin surface, dirt and make-up fall into the pores, they clog them and cause number of cutaneous manifestations. 

Each of these manifestations may be a symptom of acne. Dermatologists distinguish two main types of acne – non-inflammatory and inflammatory, depending on the manner in which it occurs and the measures it requires.

Symptoms of non-inflammatory acne

The earliest sign is increased oiliness of the skin after getting up from sleep in the morning.

Whiteheads and blackheads (comedones) appear in the areas with the highest concentration of sebaceous glands (face, neck, shoulders and back). They are not red or painful, but even if not clearly visible, they cause unevenness on the skin. The comedones are easy to clean, even at home and do not leave traces of blood or fluid.

If you do not take timely measures for regular cleaning and proper daily hygiene of your face skin, the non-inflammatory acne can easily turn into inflammatory one. Then you’ll need serious dermatological, and in some cases - even drug intervention.

Symptoms of inflammatory acne

Residual traces of blood or liquid are observed after squeezing the comedones. This is a symptom of a bacterium within the channel, which easily spreads in the surrounding skin, due to improper cleaning, and leads to the formation of new comedones and pimples. Besides them, however, different external or subcutaneous formations, as listed below, may occur:

Pustules - inflamed areas containing pus

Papules (what we call pimples) - small, arisen above the skin, red and hard formations

Nodules - hard subcutaneous formations resembling knots

Cysts - subcutaneous formations full of liquid

Secondary effects such as: redness, swelling, skin irritation, accompanied by crusting, scabs and oozing from the specific formations are often observed in inflammatory acne. The condition is very aggravated in some people, while in others there is a mild case of it. However, it is subject to rapid turn, depending on the care you take of your skin.

Therefore, the best solution for preventing and dealing with acneic skin (except the visit to a dermatologist, of course) is the use of suitable cosmetic products. Designed especially for the needs of problematic skin, this type of formulas usually contains complex active ingredients that regulate sebum secretion and master the condition, at the same time.

It is good to consider a peculiarity: in case of non-inflammatory acne would be enough to pay attention to your cleaning ritual and include a specialized washing gel and lotion for face in it. But in inflammatory acne, better use the full range of products for problematic skin. They include day cream-gel and anti-acne gel for topical use, in addition to the washing gel and lotion. Attack the problem right on the target!

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