Foods that lead to cellulite


Ah, this cellulite! You might be wondering ‘’Where am I wrong?” You lead an active lifestyle, drink water, do not eat a lot and keep your weight in norm ... All this sounds good! But do you eat healthy? Don’t hurry to answer and think about it.

When it comes to cellulite it is not so important how much we eat, but what exactly we eat! The list of foods that cause cellulite is long. They are usually high in fat, or support the formation of fat. Because we cannot list them all, we will tell you the 5 basic food groups that endanger your body from the formation of orange peel skin.


They are cellulite’s best friend, because almost all foods - sweets, white bread and bakery products, pasta, rice, etc. contain them. Carbohydrates stimulate the production of insulin hormone, which absorb the glucose from them and transmit it to the muscle cells as energy. In people with a sedentary lifestyle, however, carbohydrates accumulate in fat cells as acids (triglycerides). This enlarges the size of the cells in depth, which affects the surrounding connective tissue and forms orange peel effect.

Saturated fat

They are contained in red meat, whole-milk dairy products, fast food (the last ones are high in carbohydrates, toxins and carcinogens). Their frequent consumption causes chaos in the body. For some strange reason, it recognizes the saturated fats of animal origin as toxins and refuses to digest them (as opposed to the vegetable oils). Instead, the body stores them in the skin, which deforms the connective tissue and contributes to cellulite.


The more sweetened snacks, drinks, donuts, candy, muffins, cookies and pastries you eat, the more your cellulite will deteriorate. The reason is that foods with a high sugar content are full of saturated fat, toxins, additives and calories ... – a powerful cocktail that damages cells and disrupts their complete functioning, which in turn facilitates the formation of fatty deposits.

Salty and spicy foods

You may like eating chips, pickles, processed meats and roast pork or spicing your meals with curry and soy sauce, but all these foods are harmful to your figure. According to some studies, salt accelerates the development of cellulite, as it retains water in tissues and blocks the absorption of fat. Curry, on the other hand is not only high in saturated fat, but also provokes the accumulation of fat in the body.

Alcohol and coffee

Of course no one talks about the admissible 1-2 cups daily. But exceeding this number assists the formation of cellulite. On the one hand, alcohol contains calories and toxins that accumulate in the body as fat and contribute to the formation of fatty deposits. Furthermore it prevents the proper absorption of vitamin C, calcium and zinc, thus damaging the cells and the muscles. On the other hand, alcohol has a dehydrating effect like coffee. This leads to fluid retention in the body, and prevents the breakdown of fat.

Excluding these foods from your daily menu will not save you from cellulite. We remind you that the right way to combat orange peel skin is a combination of regular exercise, healthy diet, and of course, the use of appropriate anti-cellulite products whose active ingredients will help the effective breakdown of fatty deposits from the outside inwards.



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