Hair protection against heat appliances

Tiny curls, large ringlets, perfectly straight hair or hair with lots of volume - nowadays it is very easy to achieve all these effects in your hairstyle thanks to heat hair-styling appliances. Unfortunately, it seems that we lightly sacrifice the beauty of our hair in the name of vanity, and voluntarily turn the shiny mane into a lifeless mass.

Maybe it will be interesting for you to know that healthy hair burns at a temperature close to that of paper - 233 C. But if the hair have been previously damaged by other factors (dehydration, exhaustion, lack of vital elements in the cells) it starts burning at a lower temperature - 50-120 C. In short, every following heating damages hair more quickly. Therefore stylists recommend:

Hydrate your hair

Use a moisturizing conditioner to restore the cellular structure or a specialized formula with collagen in problematic scalp. The hair is best protected if it contains enough moisture and proteins, which in turn increase its resistance to heat.

Wait until your hair dries out completely before using a heat appliance

While styling with hairdryer destroys hydrogen bonds in the hair, concentrated heating with straightening or curling iron can cause serious damage on wet hair due to sudden deprivation of moisture. In both cases, the device induces stress.

Comply the temperature of the heated appliance

It must be relevant to your hair's structure and condition. If your hair is thick or curly, it can withstand more severe and prolonged heating and vice versa, if it is thin or damaged it is much more vulnerable. In hair's roots, however, you must be always careful and use moderate heating.

Apply heat protection spray before using the styling device

If you don't have a specialized product, you can use a hair laquer. Just spray a small amount of the product on the length of each strand before treating it. The stronger the fixation of the product is, the less quantity of it is needed.

Nourish your hair

Take care of your hair with cutting and nourishing mask, which will stimulate the roots, will activate the formation of keratin (which melts when heated) and will control the signs of damage - split ends, loss of shine and elasticity, unruliness.

Select quality heated appliances

This doesn't mean to be the most expensive on the market, but to meet some basic requirements - the hair straightener to be with ceramic coating, the curling iron to have attachments for different widths, the hairdryer to have a narrow nozzle and diffuser and all devices to allow temperature control.

Note that hair damage caused by heating is long lasting and hair's integrity can never be restored to 100%. It is better to be more moderate and cautious when using heat appliances. This will save you the trouble and the money for lots of cosmetic products to conceal the damage.


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