How to choose cosmetics for a gift?

Life is an endless series of celebrations and happy events. And while sharing them with our loved ones is what really matters, it is never superfluous to manifest our love for each other with the help of gifts.

There are numerous options for a gift, and if you try to "see" the inner nature of the one that will receive it, you will easily find the most appropriate among them. It is not always necessary to resort to grandiose and expensive purchases. With a certain amount of creativity even the most affordable cosmetics become a superb surprise.


Since the brain is the only one defining smells as "pleasant" or "unpleasant", we cannot rely on our own when we’re choosing a fragrance for someone else. Therefore, we should investigate the preferences of the person we want to bring joy to. We just need to become a little more observant and he/she will reveal to us what he/she likes. But of course, it is not a good idea to give him/her a perfume, which he/she already owns or has used till recently. On the other hand we could hardly go wrong if we opt for a scent that is reminiscent of a favorite shower gel, a lotion or even a favorite food.

Bath products

At first glance, the means of personal hygiene are not the most appropriate choice for a gift. But there are always exceptions. Little soaps in forms of different animals, for example, would please any kid. A hand-made soap (made by yourself) is a great personal gift. A combination of fragrant organic soaps, on the other hand, would be a perfect solution for people oriented towards a healthy lifestyle.

An aromatic shower gel should also be taken under consideration. You can always be creative and make this product unique. Decorate the bottle through decoupage or pour the content in a beautiful dispenser.

Although not as creative, the idea of presenting the shower gel in combination with a lotion or a body cream of the same series is excellent.
If your relative or friend travels a lot, he/she would greatly appreciate a kit, equipped with miniature versions of the most necessary toiletries.

Specialized cosmetics

The products against wrinkles, acne, cellulite and other aesthetic imperfections of the skin and hair, should be approached with extreme caution and tact. It is appropriate to gift them only to a person who is close enough and talks openly about this kind of problem and seeks advice from you to resolve them. Still, it is best to give cosmetics of this type without a special occasion, but simply to demonstrate your concern and affection.

Decorative cosmetics

The wide range of eye shadows, for example, would deliver great pleasure to a woman whose passion is makeup. The same applies for the rest of the products carrying color and mood. It's better to provide a choice of several shades, so she can have fun experimenting with different looks.

Baby cosmetics

Usually, young mothers receive as gifts for their newborn piles of clothes and toys. So you could be the one to break the stereotype, giving a beauty kit that provides complete care for the delicate baby skin. Choose the products carefully, as if designed for your own child - hypoallergenic, free of dangerous ingredients and as natural as possible.

Cosmetics for men

The majority of the gentlemen are not particularly fond of cosmetics, so do not expect a joyful reaction with such a gift. If your partner is an exception - good, but if not - "test the water" first, giving him a cosmetic, whose benefits he is not familiar with, without an occasion,.

Other products

Scrubs and body lotions, bath foams and other treats are among the products which not everyone uses, but would not mind trying. Hand cream is also one of the few "universal" products irrelevant to age and skin type. We should not overlook the promotional cosmetic kits, too, which are offered in a beautiful packaging, often accompanied by an additional gift from the manufacturer.

No matter what the gift will be, however, it is important to be personal, given with a smile and in a festive package, so that the one that receives it feels truly loved and special.

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