How to make your hair grow faster?

Summer is the perfect time to help your hair grow faster, as it is presumed that warm weather stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and skin, which in turn nourishes the hair follicles. But how to do it? With a few simple changes in you hair care routine. See what changes here! 

Как да накарате косата да расте по-бързо?
Cut the ends of the hair regularly.

This will avoid the formation of blooms, which stop the growth of the hair in length. But do not do it every single month. One centimeter every 3 to 6 months is sufficient.

Try not to tie your hair when it is wet.

Otherwise you risk easier tearing of hair. If you still do it anyway, use a soft elastic with loose grip, so there is no unnecessary tension.

Avoid rubber bands.

Although they are the easiest way to tie your hair in the summer, rubber bands damage the hairs and often cause their separation from the root, as it wraps around them. It is better to use elastic with textile coating that’s gentler to you hair.

Do not comb too often.

Although some recommend 100 brushings every day, it is actually much better to reduce this number significantly, as otherwise there is a real risk of tearing and pulling of healthy hair from the roots, which in turn will thin the hair. Also, use a wide comb or brush with soft and protected teeth.

Try not to wash your hair every single day.

Water washes away the natural fats of the hair, as a result of which it dries out and entangles easier. This makes it much more vulnerable to external aggressors and easy to break off and damage.

Be mindful when choosing a hairstyle.

Too tight buns, ponytails or braids stressed the hair follicles, suffocate the scalp and impair the microcirculation. All this in turn hinders the healthy growth. It is advisable to let your hair down several times a day and be careful with the accessories you use.

Promote hair growth through nutrients.

Eat more protein, iron, zinc, vitamin C and a moderate amount of fat. All of these substances are essential building blocks in the structure of the hair, supplying the cells in the scalp with "fuel" for a quick and healthy growth.

Stimulate the scalp.

Light massaging of the scalp during washing and the use of products with active ingredients, such as extract of quinine, for example, are a proven method for accelerating the growth of the hair, as they nourish the cells, stimulate metabolism and clean the follicles from harmful substances.

Pay attention to the condition of the scalp.

If it is too dry, too oily or there is dandruff, it is important to regulate the secretion of sebum, in order to remove the cause. This is not difficult with the right shampoo formula that eliminates the fungus, reduces discomfort and favors the strengthening the hair.

One of the most important conditions to accelerate the growth of the hair is to keep it nourished, hydrated and strong. Even if you have no symptoms of hair loss, it would be wise to take preventive measures against this condition. Along with avoiding excessive use of styling and heating appliances, you should make the specialized products for hair care a priority. This will ensure a complex care without much effort.


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