How weight loss affects the skin and hair?

Overweight is an unnecessary stress on the body and our psyche. However, we should approach with patience and understanding when we try to remove it, because the sudden weight loss hides a number of negative consequences for our health and beauty.

Skin sagging

When weight increases skin is stretched so as to adjust to the increased volume of the body. In sharp loosing of weight, however, it is not always able to shrink enough to fit to our new figure. We should not be impatient with weight loss, otherwise we risk to replace the extra weight with sagging skin.

Prevention: a gradual, controlled weight loss accompanied by exercise and use of moisturizing body products.

Medical treatment: surgical removal of excess skin.

Worsening cellulite

Not infrequently, instead of becoming less noticeable cellulite worsens after weight loss. The best way to deal with it is to not allow its appearance - keeping your weight in norm or releasing excess weight gradually.

Prevention and medical treatment: anti-cellulite cosmetics; anti-cellulite massages and therapies.

Appearance of stretch marks

Stretch marks are another one of the physical signs that appear on our skin as a reproach to our unwise weight loss or as a tribute to the priceless gift of motherhood. They are damages to the integrity of the dermis, which our body has tried to correct, but unfortunately without taking into consideration the "aesthetic" factor during the repair.

Prevention: use of moisturizing products; intake of a sufficient amount of water; exercises to maintain skin elasticity.

Medical treatment: stretch mark cream; exfoliating product; aesthetic procedures.

Skin irritations

A drastic weight loss inevitably weakens our immune system, which protects us from the onset of inflammation. Furthermore, unhealthy diets are often accompanied by hormonal changes and high levels of stress, which are also generators of skin irritations.

Prevention and medical treatment: a balanced diet; specialized series of products against acne.

Dry skin

Nutrient poor diets cause the skin to starve, which is the reason for its excessive dryness, sagging and premature appearance of wrinkles.

Prevention and medical treatment: a rational diet and adequate intake of water; moisturizing cream; regular removing of dead skin cells with exfoliating product.

Damaged hair

Our hairs often fall victim to the winning of the battle with excess weight through fasting or strict diets. Unbalanced diet deprives the body of the necessary amount of proteins - one of the main components of hair, but also by a number of valuable vitamins and minerals, too. Without them hair structure gets damaged and visible consequences follow shortly - hair loses its vitality and shine and becomes dry, and its ends begin to entangle and split.

Prevention and medical treatment: adequate nutrition; intake of easily absorbed vitamins and minerals in the form of a dietary supplement; shampoo and conditioner for dry and damaged hair.

Hair Loss

If we do not get enough calories, our body triggers a natural survival mechanism. To ensure the normal carrying out of important bodily functions, the brain redirects to them the energy needed for other less essential processes, such as hair growth. As a result, most of the hair in the scalp area goes prematurely through the catagen phase and falls out.

Prevention and treatment: a healthy diet; food supplement with vitamins and minerals from natural sources; Shampoo for hair loss.

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