It is time to part with your holiday belly

Christmas and New Year’s holidays are a pleasure for the soul, but not for the body. Besides gaining weight, when you stand in front of the mirror you can see with naked eye the effects of your irresponsibility on the table – your face is puffy, your clothes are bursting at the seams, and your belly is swollen. Urgent and effective measures are required! Here's what you can do:


Above all it is important to determine whether you have really gained several kilograms in the tummy or it is just swollen. Some foods or food combinations cause flatulence and fluid retention, which in turn makes the body look plumper.

As a start reduce alcohol intake, glycogen and salt

Instead, it is good to increase the intake of fiber (in fruits, green leafy vegetables, muesli, linseed ...), freshly squeezed juices and water, which stimulate peristalsis and regulate digestion.

Exclude carbohydrates of your dinner

Since you don’t need extra energy before bedtime, you can safely miss out on pasta, cereals, potatoes, sweets and starches after 6.00 p.m. A vegetable / fruit salad or bowl of soup is a good option.

Green tea is an excellent idea!

Studies have shown that green tea is a great way to burn fat, which stimulates weight loss. In addition, it contains large amounts of antioxidants, which take care of skin’s shine and youthful appearance. Maybe it really is good to drink at least two cups daily. Isn’t it?

It is helpful to bestir yourself

There is no need to visit the gym regularly to do exercises. It is possible at home, too. It is enough to make a brief and refreshing program, including 10 minutes of cardio exercise, several series of crunches and dumbbell lifting every day. Why not a 30-minute brisk walking outside, as well?

Act complexly

It is known that the combination of proper nutrition, movement and specialized cosmetics is always winning. Therefore, now is the time to include anti-cellulite products in your skin care – a slimming serum twice daily or a  heating gel-cream before exercise. These formulas contain powerful active ingredients (pink pepper, caffeine, herbal extracts, enzymes) that act directly on fat deposits, accelerating its burning and visibly tighten, shape and reduce the problematic areas.

Nothing happens without desire and will!

Fitness instructors, dietitians or your relatives cannot make you reduce your holiday belly if you don’t decide to focus your mind and efforts in this direction! Your body is the only permanent place you must live in. That’s why you have to take good care of it!


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