Let's keep the summer suntan for longer

Maintaining the summer tan for longer is among the main "concerns" of the most women after they return from vacation. But let be honest, tanned body is much more attractive, it makes us look slimmer, and keeps the fresh memories of the holiday. Although the skin fades soner or later, there are some tricks, which can help you to keep your summer suntan maximaly long.

Take lukewarm showers.

The warm water dehydrates the skin faster and that in turn accelerates the exfoliation of the surface epithelial layer, which pigment from the sun. For additional effect use soap with cocoa or shower cream.

Turn skin hydration into daily habit.

This is a particularly important rule not only for maintaining the summer tan, but also for restoration of the skin's softness and hydro balance after the prolonged sun exposure. It is best to use intensivly moisturizing body product with denser formula or enriched with natural nourishing and moisturizing ingredients as almond oil, cocoa, aloe vera, coffee, pomegranate.

Try to exfoliate your body every 2 weeks.

Use body scrub. Thus you will assist the exfoliation of the dead skin layer, which forms periodically and covers the produced under the influence of the sun melanin, i.e the tan.

Emphasize water intake.

In the summer, the body loses lots of water through sweating and prolonged exposure to sun rays. When the skin dries due to dehydration, it begins to peel, which leads to lightening of the complexion much faster. So, drink at least 2 liters of water daily.

Increase the intake of vitamin A.

It is essential for the development of skin cells and their prevention from free radicals. Vitamin A contributes to the health and shine of the skin. You can consume it in the form of dietary supplements, orange-red fruits and vegetables, liver, eggs, milk, fish oil, spinach. Another option is to apply cosmetic products for face and body, enriched with vitamin A, after bath and before bedtime. Why not drinking a glass of carrot juice every morning?

Make some dietary changes.

According to dermatologists and a number of studies, your summer tan could be preserved with the consumption of certain foods. Since melanocytes need mainly the amino acid tyrosine to produce melanin, you can provide it eating more turkey, egg whites, cottage cheese, salmon, soy, almonds and avocados.

Wear white clothes!

This in an old and proven trick that always works in matte skin, in this case - sunburnt skin, making the bronze tan to stand out in a particularly attractive way, even when it starts to fade. So, while the weather still allows it, choose clothes in the brightest shades - white, soft pink, peach, ecru, etc. Experiment even with your hair color, makeup and accessories.

The right and deliberate skin care is essential not only for the preservation of the summer suntan for a long time, but also for the overall health and well-being of the skin. With the right moisturizing products at the appropriate time and with the consumption of a range of healthy foods and drinks you can achieve both. After all, it doesn’t have to be summer to look and feel like you have returned from a vacation yesterday, right? 

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