Lilac - aromatherapeutic care for body and spirit

With the onset of spring lilac aroma flows in the air and takes the mind to the state of "nirvana". Senses relax, thoughts become clear, while anxiety and tension disappear instantly. Because of these aromatherapeutic properties lilac is present in more than one or two body cosmetic products and relaxing the soul procedures.

Lilac (Syringa vulgaris) is a branched shrub, typical for the appearance of the Balkan Peninsula. Its purple and white colors have heavy, sweet and especially recognizable fragrance, which many people describe as a combination of roses and vanilla and even consider magical.

According to some experts in the occult, except a symbol of the first, purest love, lilac is a powerful generator of positive energy and thus keeps evil away, clears the mind to the extent of providence and brings peace, harmony and creativity in the soul.

But if we have to stick to the arguments of mind, lilac is valuable mainly because of its extremely relaxing effect on the senses and its beneficial effect not only in psychological but also in physical aspect. Consumed moderately, it lowers the temperature in fever, heals thickening of the blood vessels, as well as malaria. In colonial America lilac was used to treat intestinal worms, ringworm and other gastrointestinal parasites.

Lilac oil contains natural substances (mostly- complex chemical compounds) with softening, healing and anti-bacterial action that fondle the skin as a gentle caress and make the plant a preferred ingredient in cosmetics and perfumery industries. Moreover, it is rich in antioxidants, and thus provides an effective protection of the skin against free radicals.

What are the other benefits of lilac as a cosmetic ingredient?

  • Gives vitality to tired skin
  • Hydrates and restores moisture, including in very dry skin
  • Regulates sebum secretion
  • Reduces acne and lesions
  • Relieves inflammation, irritation, sunburn
  • Assists healing of small wounds and abrasions

Cosmetic products containing lilac are the easiest way to immerse into the world of sensual experiences. Whether it will be soap, lotion, perfume or massage oil, such aromatherapeutic care for body and mind will allow you to see the world more colorful and beautiful. 

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