Macadamia - a silky caress for beauty

Fragrant, sweet, milky and enchanting, the taste of macadamia nuts can not be mistaken, whether added to meals or to cosmetic products. The oil extracted from their core is considered the perfect ingredient for beauty and health.

Macadamia (Macadamia integrifolia) is a tree with impressive size, which originates in Australia, but is also grown in Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya, New Zealand and South Africa. There are seven species, but only two of them


are edible (the others are poisonous). The tree blooms in white, pink or purple, and its nuts are closed in an extremely hard shell. They exactly, are considered one of the most nutritious, among their fellows, and provide the invaluable for the body elixir in the form of oil.

Macadamia oil is a rich source of calcium, vitamins A and B (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and folic acid), phosphorus, iron, antioxidants (polyphenols, amino acids, flavones), selenium, zinc, copper, potassium, magnesium and carbohydrates, proteins, fiber and about 80% mono-unsaturated fats (which are the “good” fats for the body). All this gives macadamia high nutritional value (about 720 kcal per 100 g.), but also essential advantages in eating and beauty habits.

A balanced menu with macadamia nuts (or their oil) can provide good health and longevity, and suppress regenerative diseases. How? Macadamia is completely devoid of cholesterol and helps the reduction of its levels in the body. It strengthens the heart, purifies the arteries and neutralizes the harmful fats. The plant protects the cells from damage and toxins in the environment, and thus, reduces the risk of cancer.

It helps bone and tooth mineralization, the transfer of nutritional compounds and the formation of new bone tissue. Macadamia contributes to a healthy nervous system, as well. The large amount of omega acids assists weight loss, as it controls fat burning and appetite, and accelerates metabolism. Omega acids also protect against osteoporosis and relieve arthritis pain.

Macadamia oil is similar to the natural fat of the body, that’s why it is very easily and quickly absorbed by the skin and hair. Macadamia contains the highest amount of palmitoleic acid (omega-7) of all plants. The acid provides the key structural elements of the cells and thus, maintaining their youth. Macadamia oil wraps the hair as a protective shell, penetrates scalp and hair follicles and naturally nourishes and hydrates them. It attracts and retains moisture and even resembles sebum. Thanks to these features, macadamia improves hair’s shine and health. That is why, it is increasingly used in cosmetic products for mature skin, as well as in hair dyes, shampoos, styling serums and body lotions.

What else makes macadamia perfect ingredient for beauty?

• It improves the absorption of hair dye and keeps the color intensive and brilliant for a long time

Improves hair’s strength and elasticity

• Protects it from tearing

• Prevents tangling

Gives hair a satin shine

• Stimulates its growth

• Decreases the time for blow drying, as it pushes the water molecules onto the surface of the hair

• It is suitable for all skin types

• Removes makeup and cleanse face without clogging the pores

Slows down skin aging

• Nourishes the cuticles and prevents them from inflammation

One of the most valuable advantages of macadamia oil, is its long shelf life. Added to a cosmetic product, it makes the formula more durable, efficient and sweet-smelling. All this reasonably turns the product into your affinity and you start to think about macadamia as the perfect ingredient for beauty.




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