Masks with clay - secrets for beautiful hair and skin

Fuller’s earth (Clay) is one of those unique creations of nature that neither the millennia nor the progress that comes with them have been able to devalue. It is a cure for many health problems, but also an excellent natural remedy for beautification. Just by adding a little piece of it to a variety of homemade masks, you can easily get rid of a number of aesthetic imperfections, such as oily hair and skin, dandruff, acne and hair loss.

The list of cosmetic applications of Fuller’s earth is extremely long, but no matter what we use it for, we should not forget that in contact with metal it loses its valuable properties. So, besides the desire and some free time, we will also need the appropriate utensils for the preparation of each clay mask.

Mask against hair loss

Mix 4-5 tablespoons of Fuller’s earth (or more for long and thick hair) with water and vinegar of equal proportions. Stir gently and leave the gruel for half an hour before you apply it on your hair and scalp. It is advisable to keep the mixture on your head for at least 1 hour. Finally, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Anti-dandruff mask

Prepare a thick paste of clay and mineral water and rub it into your scalp before bedtime. Put on a plastic cap and if the mask does not bother you, leave it on during the whole night.

Mask for oily hair

Pour the juice of 1 lemon with a few drops of essential oil of tea tree or lavender in it over ½ cup of coffee of clay. Rub the mixture well into the scalp and after half an hour wash it off with water.

Exfoliating mask

Add 1 teaspoon of clay to the same amount of yogurt and oat flakes and rub your face with the mixture using light circular motions. Finish the 2-3 minute scrub massage by rinsing your skin with cold water and then apply a few drops of almond oil.

Mask for problematic skin

Besides Fuller’s earth, to make this mask, you will need a small amount of pure liquid honey. Mix both ingredients and smear your face with a thin layer of the mixture. Leave the mask for a few minutes, but always wash it off before it dries.

With enough knowledge and experimental spirit, we could create our own home recipes. And when we need a "ready to use" professional solution for a particular aesthetic problem, it is best to trust a cosmetic product containing clay. This guarantees not only the most effective combination of ingredients, but also the use of clay without impurities, with proven origin and quality.

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