Myths of men’s hair dyeing

The fact that more and more representatives of the stronger sex color their hair is an evidence that men are vainer than women. Some men do this to hide their grey hair, while others just want to look more sexy and youthful. But since gentlemen act more mechanically, they can easily become victims of some myths of men’s hair dyeing. We intend to help them debunking these myths.

Myth No 1: The hair dyeing conceals men's age

Fact: Actually it depends on the age. The more advanced the age is, the brighter colors must be selected. If facial hair conceals most of the skin, the man can afford to dye his hair in a dark color. Because, agree, an old man with furrowed by wrinkles face and hair color bright as traffic light seems strange. See, however, the 57-year-old actor Alec Baldwin, who dyed his hair in a copper brown color for his role in the "Rockefeller Plaza" TV series. And the color suited him!

Myth No 2: The hair coloring for men takes a long time

Fact: Furthermore men's hair is much shorter than that of most women, its structure is also different. In men, the hair is denser and saturated with more proteins, which significantly promotes the absorption of dye’s pigments. Therefore, the formulations of the hair dyes for men normally need only 5-10 minutes to take effect. Thus, the procedure would take almost as much time as usual shaving.

Myth No 3: The color of the dye must be selected according to the season

Fact: In most cases, men dye their hair by psychological reasons, not to be modern. Therefore there is no need to change the color every season, moreover if they do this, their "little secret" would become evident. It is better to comply with the other features of the face (beard, mustache, tan, even the eyes) in the selection of shade to achieve maximally natural look.

Myth No 4: There should be no grey hair after dyeing

Fact: Although the latest hair dye formulas provide complete and even coverage of white hair, in some gentlemen such white hair may remain after dyeing mostly because of unintentional mistakes in the application. But this should not be a reason for drama. According to some surveys, the men whose hair is "cut" by delicate silver locks are considered the sexiest. This gives a particular maturity and softness of the overall appearance.

Myth No 5: Only the hair dyes in the hairdressing salons give a perfect result

Fact: Maybe years ago, but not today. Modern hair dye formulas intended for procedures at home, are so perfectly designed that they don’t inferior to the professional ones in no way. Enriched with natural extracts and pigments for maximally saturated and brilliant color, they provide excellent coverage, finely merging with the natural shades of the hair. There is no need to mention how easily they are applied - in the form of fluffy foam on wet hair. No mess, no unnecessary worries.

Myth No 6: Hair will fall out faster if colored

Fact: Hair loss is a result of stress, disease or genetic factors, and not of hair dyeing. On the contrary, the hair dye can strengthen, heal and nourish the hair. For this purpose, it is important to select formulas with natural ingredients (wheat protein, silk extract) that penetrate deeply and make the hair impressively shiny and vibrant. Use a shampoo and a conditioner for colored hair, as a complementary care, which will extend the durability of the color. In the 21th century, hair dyeing is a synonymous with style and well-groomed appearance. Therefore gentlemen, forget the myths and the prejudices and refresh your hairstyle with some color - black, light brown, brown or dark brown. And you, ladies, help them with some "expert" guidance.

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